Taylor Swift Whispering Ideas of Solo Stardom to Camila Cabello


Taylor Swift has had one hell of a solo career and there are no indications suggesting that she will be slowing her roll any time soon. Swift is so satisfied with her career that it is being said she has even gone so far as to take it upon herself to whisper ideas of solo artist stardom in the ear of Fifth Harmony member Camila Cabello. According to reports, T. Swift thinks it is only the next natural step that her Fifth Harmony friend should strongly consider taking, since apparently going solo is the only sensible way any talented singer should go. The country-turned-pop singer believes her good friend Cabello has been gifted with the kind of voice that does not require any accompanied harmonics. Do the sensational rumors about America’s Sweetheart dare to be spreading actual truth? Not this time.

Back in 2012, five girls, including Camila Cabello, were brought together on the popular network television show The X Factor, forming the now well known all girl group Fifth Harmony. Out of the five members of Fifth Harmony, there has not been one incident where one of the girls came forward and voiced any future plan to separate from the group. As individuals, each singer is more than content with their current position as a group member and based on their high number of fans, who ultimately are the people who matter most, everyone would appear to be on the same page.

Recently, Swift and Cabello have been spotted spending a great deal of time with one another. When dealing with music artists in the industry, it is not too often that the public catches two young women just trying to lead a somewhat normal life and enjoy each others company. The need to have drama and catty behavior between two young and successful females is much like a thirst that cannot be quenched. It is a scenario that has been played out so many times in Hollywood that the real story seems to be: what will it take for the world to be accepting of the fact that there are, in existence, healthy friendships that are capable of being maintained as such, between successful females living life under the spotlight?

It did not take very long for the 25-year-old songstress to set the record straight by saying she in no way, shape or form suggested to her younger, up-and-coming friend, Camila, that breaking away from Fifth Harmony to find her true calling as a solo artist was the best move to make for her career. Swift has the ability to casually shrug off the allegations made against her regarding a mean girl alter ego that supposedly waits dormant until she has become close enough to her prey that she can pounce without any suspicions of an attack. Both ladies are very supportive of each other and understand that where they are, currently in their careers, is exactly where they want to be. At the end of the day, Hollywood would not be what it is without a little drama here and there to spice things up.

By Kameron Hadley



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