The Originals: Save My Soul [Recap/Review]

The Originals

The Originals has come a long way from the three siblings it started with, and Save My Soul reiterated that. Finding out that Elijah and Klaus were brothers was a big deal, and now it is time to find out how Freya is connected to this mess. This hour’s episode was all about Freya’s life and just who Dahlia is.

This week’s The Originals kicks off in 977A.D.’s Norway, with a baby Freya wanting her mom. It is clear that there are moments from Freya’s life that has made her the damaged, untrustworthy individual that she is today. However, it looks like her siblings need her help, especially Rebekah who gets a visit from Josephine LaRue accusing her of killing two teenagers the night before. It looks like the previous week’s scene was not a dream after all.

When it turns out that Rebekah did kill the children, Elijah wants to find out how to stop Eva from doing it again. He wants Klaus to work with Freya, because their baby sister needs them all to work together. Klaus is clearly not happen, but he does find out more about Dahlia and the century-long slumber.

In flashbacks, Freya’s story is further told. The Originals shows as Freya and Dahlia bond, making the aunt a more powerful witch. While they do that, Marcel has Finn’s host, Vincent, and wants to learn more about Eva through him.

While all this happens, Rebekah turns to Davina for some help, and then calls Elijah that she is on her way to them. Save My Soul has an expected twist for The Originals and Rebekah passes out in the cemetery. The next thing she knows is she is in a warehouse, and it is likely that someone else has ended up dead.

Jackson, Aiden and the other wolves are training while all this happens. Aiden takes things a little too far by biting Jackson, saying that it was to make sure Jackson remains the strongest. It is easy for Jackson to be suspicious, but Hayley reminds him that they are all a team. Does she really believe that Klaus does not have a plan to take control?

It turns out that Klaus is very much like his Aunt Dahlia, who fears being weak again. She wanted to build a coven using her own bloodline, which is where Hope comes in. Freya decides to swear off love and will never have a child of her own, so Dahlia cannot go through with her even plan. Klaus is still unsure about his sister, despite Elijah wanting to be friends with her.

The possible good news on The Originals is that Freya has an easy way to help Rebekah. She can use a spell to suppress Eva, so Rebekah keeps full control of the body. Kalus is still uncertain, and deciding to cut her little story about singing to him through his mother’s womb, he snaps her neck. It is a good job she is immortal. Once she does wake up, Klaus decides to hear more of the story.

It turns out that Freya did fall in love, because everyone on The Originals eventually does. She fell in love in the 1400s with a man called Mathias, and fell pregnant. When he wanted the child to be free, Dahlia cursed him and he died. Freya then killed her child and herself by drinking poison. Freya was immortal even then, but the child was not. When Klaus is still not trusting, Freya tells him that Fahlia is coming.

When it comes to Vincent, it turns out that he is not sharing much. He was walking away from his coven the night that Finn took control of him, but he did know Eva. They were husband and wife in a strange twist for The Originals.

Everything seems to be going a little easier for Rebekah after that, until she has a memory of Eva. There is a warehouse full of children somewhere, including Davina. Marcel has to save her, it is his duty on The Originals. To make matters worse, right at the end of the hour of The Originals, Save My Soul, Hope’s music box starts playing on its own making it clear that Dahlia is on her way.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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