The Originals: They All Asked for You [Recap/Review]

The Originals

In The Originals this hour, They All Asked for You, two things were made clear. Everyone needs something, but needs other people to help them get it. Whether vampire, werewolf, hybrid or witch, they needed to rely on other people.

The Originals is still focused on family, but the three main siblings are no longer together. That does not mean that screen time with all three of them is not possible. They decide to conference call, while Rebekah begs Elijah to go home, rather than forming his own version of The Avengers. Really, all he wants to do is get over Haley. While on the call, Rebekah is chased by two henchmen and it is time for her to find out whose body she is now in, and what these men want. Luckily, Marcel saves her just in time. That leads to plenty of tension between the two, as they think back to their final moment together.

Meanwhile, Finn and Freya are plotting together, and the eldest wants time with her father. Finn is not going to fall for this, and is extremely suspicious of her. Of course he is on a show like The Originals. He has had enough siblings betray him in the past.

For Klaus, it is about getting more troops, and he and Jackson are fighting over them. Hayley does her best to mediate, but Jackson ends up having to conceding to Klaus. It was going to happen anyway; Klaus would make sure of it. He works on getting more too, when he sees tension between Jackson and Aiden.

It seems that Finn was right to be suspicious of Freya, in They All Asked for You, this week’s episode of The Originals. After digging him up, Freya gives him some of her blood to wake him up. He wants to kill her at first, believing she is really dead, but then starts crying as he realizes that Dahlia did take her when she was a baby.

Elijah wants to know more about Rebekah’s new host, and goes to a trip to see Josephine LaRue with Gia. She hates vampires, but has a weakness for the violin, which is where Gia becomes useful. They have a heart to heart, as Gia finds out just why Elijah is a brooding mess. It does not work on this hour’s The Originals, and Elijah finds out that the siblings have been nothing but bad for the town.

While they do that, Marcel sees Ruben Morris who uses tea leaves to find out the host’s back story. When they both drink the tea, they find out that it was poisoned. Rebekah is in the body of Eva Sinclair, a psychopath and a murderer. Ruben does not believe that this is not quite Eva right now. The good news is that Rebekah knows the cure for the poison.

Klaus finally gets close to killing Finn, but Elijah drops in at the last minute. He needs Finn alive for Josephine. It turns out that Freya has been a possible double agent after all, and says a spell to put Finn inside her necklace. It leaves Elijah with the body, but she traps Finn’s essence and keep shim safe. She even says that she wants to help and work with her brothers, but when have they ever trusted someone who previously worked against them on The Originals? Marcel is still treading a fine line.

Jackson and Haley get to do some bonding over a colicky Hope, and she goes up against Klaus when he wants her help. With that in mind, Klaus goes to a bar and works with Aiden to find a way to break up the packs. With that, Klaus will be able to get Hayley back on side. Then just as They All Asked for You comes to an end, The Originals twists Rebekah’s character as she kills some teenagers and steals their powers.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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