‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Celebrates Its 40-Year Anniversary

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Rocky Horror Picture Show will be celebrating its 40-year anniversary very soon, and Fox television will be celebrating by remaking the campy musical as a two-hour event. The original producer, Lou Adler, has signed on to co-produce the show with Gail Berman from the Jackal Group, and Kenny Ortega from High School Musical fame. The musical, which originally starred Susan Sarandon, Tim Curry, Meatloaf and Barry Bostwick, became a cult hit in the late 70’s.

The famed Waverly Theater in New York, was the birthplace of the Rocky Horror Picture Show fan club, and where the tradition of shouting lines at the movie, bringing props to act out the film and dressing up as the characters began. The audience would arrive every weekend for the midnight showing of the movie and because they had all seen it so many times, they began to interact with the movie. The movie gathered a cult following and still plays at midnight, at many theaters around the world.

The original stage show opened in London in 1973, and ran in various places around London until its close in 1980. The show opened in New York in 1974 and enjoyed a very successful nine-month run. The popularity of the stage rendition gave the show the opportunity to be made into a film. The film was first considered a flop and only showed in small theaters. In 1978, the Waverly Theater was looking for a movie to replace the Night of the Living Dead as its midnight movie and decided to give the film a try. There was no way to anticipate the eventual cult following of the movie, and the Waverly showed it every weekend for six months in the beginning. The film continues to be shown in midnight showings around the world.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show represents the longest distribution of a movie in history, and is now being made into a television two-hour event by Fox. There is no announcement as to the cast, but because this will not be a live event there is more opportunity for casting major players. Networks have had a difficult time casting their musical events, because they are live and many actors view that as difficult and possibly career damaging.

This will be the second time that Fox has tackled The Rocky Horror Picture Show, the second season of Glee featured an episode of the cast singing the soundtrack and acting out scenes to the musical. The many sex scenes were taken out for the Glee episode, and in order to get the show past the ratings board the sex scenes will also have to be tastefully redone for the remake.

The 40-year-old musical remake for Fox has been tentatively called The Rocky Horror Picture Show Event, and there is no word yet on an air date or when they will start filming. The screenplay is essentially done because the network has decided to use the original script from the Richard O’Brian play. Fox was scheduled to do a remake in 2002 in celebration of the 30-year anniversary of the stage play, but something happened. Now with a new Entertainment President, The Rocky Horror Picture Show remake is ready to start production as soon as a suitable cast is lined up.

By Deneishia Jacobpito


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