TMT Shutdown by Cyberattack


It would seem that a cyberattack has temporarily caused a major disturbance to the main website of the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT), which is the largest telescope that has ever been in the making, located on top of Mount Mauna Kea on Hawaii’s big island. Mauna Kea Mountain is considered to be a very sacred and spiritual location for the Hawaii natives because it happens to be the place where the people spread the ashes of the deceased.

Caroline Witherspoon, a spokeswoman for TMT, confirmed the there had been some type of disruption to the website, but the exact reason for the occurrence, which left the site unavailable for two hours, is unknown.

The purpose of creating TMT was for astronomers to gain clear images of objects that are at too far of a distance for any other telescope to see. With this capability, scientists will be able reach and study in detail areas of space that have never been explored before.

By Kameron Hadley


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Photo By Mark Kortum-Creativecommons Flickr License 

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