Uber’s Farewell to San Antonio


April 1st marks the day Uber has to say goodbye to its ride-share service is San Antonio. According to Uber.com, Uber has to leave San Antonio due to an on-going feud with city officials. City regulations were set high and made it hard for the company to accommodate, due to many rules it had to abide by in 170 other cities across the nation. After celebrating their one year anniversary in San Antonio, the company has gained much support from businesses and citizens within the city to help the ride-share service return sooner than later.

Mothers Against Drunk Drivers  (MADD), Executive Director Gloria Vasquez told , the organization is upset the ride-share service had to leave the city because it helped reduced the amount of drunk drivers on the road. Uber is still available in other cities surrounding San Antonio, but anyone in need of a ride within the city limits will not have access to one. The app will not work once the app enters San Antonio’s city limits. Although there are taxis available within the city Vasquez hopes San Antonio will find a way to work with ride-share services again in the future.

Uber farewell to San Antonio forced many individuals to lose jobs within the city. Uber.com has said to have 13,000 drivers and riders aboard for the ride-share experience. The blog site states, ” we never anticipated we’d spend a one year anniversary unable to operate in Alamo City.”

The company was able to connect residents to safe destinations, by providing a reliable ride, while giving those that needed a job an opportunity. The city’s regulatory climate asks that ride sharing companies, such as Uber, begin to have their drivers undergo a fingerprint criminal background check, as well as drive with a permit. Lawmaker State representative Chris Paddle (R. Marshall) created the law to stop the feud with San Antonio and ride-sharing companies. While, Texas Public Policy Foundation Center for Local Governance, Director James Quintero, told Heartland that San Antonio regulators have not been working with Texas values.

San Antonio fight against Uber company has stirred economic issues within the entire state of Texas according to Quintero. Officials believe the ride sharing service exposed the governments protected traditional system to liberty. Quintero fears allowing a company such as Uber in the city/state will change the uniformity. Stating citizens will become happy with the freedom the company is bringing, and it will disrupt the regulations of other businesses.

Whereas Paddle wants to empower freedom of choice to the people of the state because he sees having a free market is the new way to succeed. He believes that it will promote competition, growth and more population since it has not happened in a very long time. Paddle sees the new way of consumer choice being an opportunity for many of the businesses in Texas, to achieve more competition and growth which will help the state thrive as a whole. The bill he proposes will support all businesses that are driven by the market if he is able to pass the regulation.

As Uber says its farewell to San Antonio, officials are ensuring a way for the company to come back for good. Although the company’s new way of marketing has broken some traditions it has enlightened a new way of thinking in some of the states officials.

By Krystle Mitchell





Photo By Monika Hoinkis – Flickr License

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