Garissa University Students Taken Hostage by Al-Shabab Militants

garissa university

garissa university

Al-Shabab militants have killed 15 people and wounded 65 others today in the raid on Garissa University in northeastern Kenya, others have been held hostage. Local reports state over 500 students are still unaccounted for. Currently, the number of hostages is unknown.

Al-Shabab, a subsidiary extremist group of al-Qaeda, stated they have been holding Christians hostages and freeing their Muslim brethren. A spokesman for al-Shabab stated hostages from Garissa University have been separated into multiple groups, while 15 Muslims have already been released.

The militants reportedly ordered students at Garissa University to get on the floor and not move, though some of the students escaped. Augustine Alanga, a student at the university told local reporters there was shooting everywhere. Moreover, he said it was “pathetic” that Garissa University only has two law enforcement officers guarding the doors.

Around five masked militants stormed the campus of Garissa University. According to Kenya’s Interior Minister Joesph Nkaissery, one of the militants was shot and killed when forces arrived. It is unclear how many students were in the building at the time of the attack.

Kenyan officials stated security forces have already isolated the militants in a building at the university. There are also reports of the gunmen firing upon the forces outside of the gates.

By Alex Lemieux


BBC News

Photo by U.S. Army Africa – Flickr License