Indiana University Releases Statement on Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Indiana university

Indiana University has released a statement expressing its appreciation and support for clarifying the language in the Religious Freedom Restoration Act bill, that was signed into law this week. Officials from Indiana University stated the law will undoubtedly provide protection for discrimination, in any form, on the basis of an individual’s sexual orientation, race, religion, color, national origin, sex, or gender identity. They stated they are very grateful for the work that has been done by the legislature who have worked fastidiously to address what Governor Mike Pence called a “perception problem.”

Indiana University expects all Hoosiers to keep in mind that equal protection and religious liberty under the law are some of the most important things regarding democracy, and they should not infringe upon each other. “Our system of government works best when people of good will come together,” the statement said. They hope to promote a better and more inclusive environment on campus and throughout the state of Indiana.

By Alex Lemieux


IU Newsroom

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