Amtrak Train Derailment Shuts Down Service Between New York and Philadelphia


An Amtrak train having derailed has led to the shut down of service between New York and Philadelphia. At least 50 people have been confirmed as injured as a result.

There was 200 people on the train when it derailed, and it was traveling from Washington to New York. More than a few hospitals in Philadelphia have reported the admittance of several injured passengers.

The Federal Railroad Administration is reported as having dispatched an official administration team to the sight of the incident. Their investigation remains ongoing. Amtrak, New Jersey, South Eastern Pennsylvania transportation authority have all been suspended pending further investigation.

The FBI is also reported as having been called to the scene. Despite their investigation regarding the matter, officials say that at this time there is no logical reason to believe that this matter is in any way the result of terrorism or any kind of terrorist act. Authorities are asking individuals and the public to keep patience at this time, as more information will be released to the public as it comes.

By Rebecca Grace



Photo by Don McCullough – Creativecommons Flickr License

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