Apple Inc iOS 9, OSX 10.11 and WWDC 2015 Information Roundup

Apple Inc

Apple Inc.’s platforms for its mobile devices and Mac, iOS 9 and OSX 10.11 have been in the news already, with WWDC 2015 and this will be its information roundup so far, as provided by 9to5Mac. These versions of the platforms are coming this year and some Apple product users do enjoy peeping into the leaked information as Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference is just weeks ahead.

Apple Inc. plans to refurbish iOS, as well as the Mac’s OS, using the fresh font in the Apple Watch. The company wants to make use of the new typeface for iOS in the next version. It wants a “Home” app with virtual rooms to take care of the HomeKit accessories.

This year, the tech world will likely see iOS 9 Maps with transit already set to have subway, bus and train guides. It was not ready last year and Apple Inc. will finally have it done with service of Transit directions. It will have robots for indoor mapping.

The iPad will have a dual-app viewing mode, plus multi-user support of the 12-inch tablet iPad Pros. Apple’s tablet, which debuted in 2010 has been sluggish and it is heard that Apple is now working on several updates for its hardware and software. It is developing a dual-app viewing mode, multi-user logins and 12-inch tablets, codenamed “J98” and “J99.” The split-screen application for the iPad was supposed to be out last year, to match the feature in Surface tablets by Microsoft, but was held in abeyance. It will likely push through this year at WWDC 2015, while 12-inch iPads and multi-user login may follow.

WWDC 2014 prioritized on iOS 8.1, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch, and put the split-screen feature for the iPad aside. Sources say that Apple Inc is now ready to show the feature for iOS 9, using the current iPad models. The split-screen viewing is said to support, half or 1/3 or 2/3 views, depending on the apps. Splitting the iPad screen means users will be able to compare two documents, or see two Safari tabs, simultaneously. However, if not completely polished, this feature can be pulled out days before the conference.

For the developers, Apple Inc. would like to upgrade Swift programming language and platform. Mac features will have more, such as a Control Panel that will swipe out from the left side.

With Apple Inc.’s iOS 9, OSX 10.11 and WWDC 2015 information roundup are the plans for the Apple Watch and Apple TV. The operating system in the new product Apple Watch will have its first significant update, such as third-party complication upgrades. There will also be an upcoming ‘TVKit’ software developer kit for the Apple TV, plus better remote support. Apple’s WWDC 2015 on June 8 to 12, will see a new TV based on iOS, as the Apple TV will take center stage during the conference.

Five years ago, the Apple TV was a black cube, and is still now. Its function has not changed as well. It is still a set-top box which connects to the Internet and plugs into an HDTV. While Steve Jobs called the Apple TV a “hobby,” it generates more than a billion dollars yearly for about three years, but has lesser stars among Apple products.

Apple TV is said to have the same shape, but more power, bigger memory, Siri, enhanced platform and support for other services. Its TV remote will have a touchscreen and Force Touch haptic feedback for easier navigation. The TV SDK will open the OS to developers to write educational software, iPhone extensions, games, home-control apps and others. The new Apple TV apps will be sold and bought in the new App Store. TV service, will perhaps, be bundled too.

In the music scene, a new Apple Music service is coming as iTunes and Beats will be married. Apple Inc wants to break into the market where the pioneers are Spotify and Pandora. Apple Watch will have its moments at WWDC 2015 as well, with a provision of a full-fledged SDK in the conference.

Overall, the Apple Inc.’s iOS 9, OSX 10.11 and WWDC 2015 information roundup means the platforms will have with them Rootless security, legacy iPhone and iPad support, smaller apps, and will focus more on quality. This year’s update of iOS and Mac OS will introduce significant optimization, performance and fix-based enhancements. At the same time, the Cupertino firm plans to support older iPads and iPhones, vis-à-vis an enhanced performance.

By Judith Aparri

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