Taylor Swift: Will Her Reign of Power Ever Stop?



Taylor Swift has been seemingly unstoppable over the past few years. She has soared to the top of the charts and broke records many did not think were even possible, and has made a place for herself so high up the musical hierarchy line that one struggles to even find a name for it. The question is, however, will her reign of power ever stop?

The amount of milestones the 25-year-old has achieved since 2006 is nothing short of remarkable. She is the first and only musical individual to have released three albums that sold more than one million copies in its first week. Her second album, Fearless, was not only the best-selling US album of 2009 but also allowed the Pennsylvania native take home four Grammys. One of these awards was Album of the Year, and Swift being the recipient of this honor made her the youngest ever to be given it.

At 14, she was the youngest songwriter in history to be singed with the highly coveted Sony/ATV Music publishing house. She is also the youngest individual to single-handedly write and perform a number one track on the Hot Country Songs chart. One of Swift’s biggest achievements is that she is the only female musician to have ever earned the Billboard Woman of the Year award twice. This amazing achievements are not the only reason why it is being questioned whether or not Swift’s reign of power will ever stop, however.

The Speak Now singer is not only known for her musical talents; in fact, she is almost as renowned for her philanthropy and dedicated to her fans as she is for her record-breaking sales and unbeatable among the charts. She has donated an inordinate amount to charity through various causes, has spent time with cancer patients and terminally ill fans whose last wish it was to meet her and spend time with her, and has made an equal amount of time for the rest of her fans as well. She has made headlines for throwing surprising listening parties for Swifties, and allowing any number of strangers to come into her house and party with her. She has made a point of staying true to the statement that she loves all of her fans, and that each and every single one of them is important to her. Indeed, her commitment to everyone who has helped her out in some way or even those who just admire her has not fallen short of this claim whatsoever.

When 2015 began, Swift had sold over 40 million albums, as well as 130 million downloads of her single. She is also one of the top five musical artists in terms of worldwide digital sales. Her reign of power seems endless; she is one of the richest celebrity musicians in the world, and she is certainly one of the most popular. The question is, however, will her success come to an end any time soon? The way that things are going, Swift has at least another few albums under her belt before she falls under the radar and becomes yet another “has been” that was once on top of the world.

Opinion By Chanel van der Woodsen


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