Astronomers Find One of the Universe’s Original Galaxies


It might be a good day for the Science Department when they find a galaxy farther away than any other found in recorded human history. Not only that, but it is believed to be among the original galaxies in the entire universe, according to space researchers.

Astronomers from the University of California at Santa Cruz and Yale University have found a galaxy that is over 13 billion years old. It has been named EGS-zs8-1, and is within the constellation Bootes. Approximately 13.0 billion light-years away (one light year is a distance of 5.8 trillion miles), it beats the old record by about 30 million years.

Yale astronomer Pascal Oesch actually found the image and galaxy in 2013. The time-consuming issue has been finding the age and distance of it. The galaxy has a particular blue hue to it. Only a few of these ancient galaxies have an accurate history because it is very difficult for researchers to see them with the current technology. NASA astronomers are working on a new telescope called the James Webb Space Telescope to retrieve more data like this, starting in 2018.

By Evander Smart

Fox News


Photo by Tamari 09 – Creativecommons Flickr License

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