B.B. King’s Daughters Claim He Was Murdered


Yet another saddening dispute over a late celebrity is unfolding just after the passing of the 89-year-old Hall of Fame blues musician B.B. King. The 15-time Grammy Award winner was sent to hospice care after the worst of his health problems within the last few decades at the beginning of March. The singer has suffered from diabetes all his life, contributing to his demise. Though, all of King’s claimants are now coming out feast on his sizable estate and there are allegations from his daughters that the blues musician was murdered.

Two of King’s daughters, who are heirs to his estate, are blaming his death on two of the singer’s assistants who the daughters say were poisoning him. In the musician’s final days, Karen Williams and Patty King have speaking publicly about the blues legend’s possibly wrongful death. The two women said, “I believe my father was murdered.” They are placing blame on his personal assistant, Myron Johnson, and business manager, LaVerne Toney. They accuse the men of intervening in the care of their father. Only Johnson and Toney were with King when he passed, while Toney is the executor of the estate, adding more negative allegations to his possible murder.

Some troubling things happened in the last few days of the King’s life. Toney allegedly held the singer hostage inside is own home, not allowing for him to see his friends like Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, and Willie Nelson. According to the late musician’s daughters, they were not informed about the declining health of their father. The blues guitarist has a long list of health problems, including type 2 diabetes and years of health scares and hospitalizations. Furthermore, although their father was in deteriorating health, King’s daughters and all of his family were barred by Toney from coming to the house.

kingThe singer also suffered a heart attack days before he died. According to his daughters and other family members, Toney would not allow them it take him to the hospital. Toney allegedly knew King was dying, but would not allow his family to visit and spend their last time with him.

There is a saddening power struggle between those who are related to the musician and those of whom that have worked for him. King had 15 children from many relationships, 11 of which are still living. There is a frenzy to access a share or the entirely of the multi-million dollar estate. The allegations with the singer’s assistant go further than just keeping his friends and family from seeing him. Toney is said to have been attempting to take the estate away from his immediate family. Issues similar to this have risen over the decades with dying celebrities and their managers funneling money out of their bank accounts and estates. Toney has also been accused of harming the singer’s financial well-being. His daughters suspect him of stealing tens of millions of dollars from the blues musician’s bank account over the years. They claim he withdrew $453,000 last year, leaving him an estate worth $5 million.

According to the Clark County Coroner’s Office, an autopsy was performed, but the test results will not be returned for at least eight weeks. Authorities stated there are no motives to warrant an active homicide investigation. Nonetheless, King’s daughters will keep being outspoken about their father’s cause of death to find if the singer was really murdered.

By Alex Lemieux


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