Ballston Shooting Leaves Suspect Dead, Two Officers Injured


Following a shootout between law enforcement officers and a man who was suspected of domestic violence, the suspect in the incident was shot and killed by Arlington County Police officers in the area of Ballston in northern Virginia. The officers are currently recovering at a local hospital. One of the officers received a facial injury, the status of the second officer is unknown.

On Tuesday morning, police responded to a domestic incident call just before 11:00 a.m. at The Gates apartment complex in Ballston. Upon their arrival, they heard a woman screaming from inside the apartment.

According to Dustin Sternbeck, a spokesman from the Arlington County Police Department, at some point during the incident, officers began firing at the man, hitting him in the chest and killing him. It is unclear whether or not the man was armed.

Strenbeck stated that during the incident, an officer received a severe facial injury, causing him to be taken to an area hospital. He also said the officer is in surgery to repair the injuries sustained to his face and will be released from care soon. The woman in the apartment also suffered minor injuries.

By Alex Lemieux


NBC Washington: 1 Man Dead, 2 Officers Injured in Shooting Near Ballston

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