‘Battle Creek’ Is Cancelled by CBS After One Season

Battle Creek

Battle Creek has been cancelled by CBS, according to Variety. The show was a police drama that featured Josh Duhamel and Dean Winters in the lead roles. Battle Creek followed Duhamel and Winters as police officers working in Battle Creek, MI.

Battle Creek seemed to draw in around eight million viewers. The average number of viewers for the series was decent, but not enough to entice CBS to give the show another season, as Variety put it. The network has apparently been struggling over this decision for many weeks. The network felt that the quality of the show was good, but it was concerned about the overall ratings. Season one is scheduled to have 13 episodes and the finale is set to air on May 24.

Battle Creek Enquirer reported that Battle Creek was the creation of Vince Gilligan, who is also known for creating Breaking Bad. David Shore served as the producer, and is known for his work on House. CBS has yet to comment on the cancellation, but Variety mentioned that the failure of the show was indeed related to low ratings. Battle Creek Enquirer added that the show got off to a rocky start, and the ratings never really recovered. The article also said that the show was never really something that people related to. People either liked it or they did not. It never really took off enough where people could learn to love it. It had potential, but the slow start did not help matters.

The hope had been that the series would draw in ages 18-49, but ultimately it failed to do so. The 10PM slot on Sunday did not help matters, nor the fact that it was competing with older and more popular shows. Gary Levin from USA Today also stated that he felt that the show could have been promoted a lot more than it was. Additional promotion could have helped to draw in more viewers, and even could have helped it to get off the ground. It had great potential, he said, and could have been successful but remained at just an average level and did not go up from there. He added that a lot of people were disappointed by this, including himself.

The article also mentioned that the show had a different look and feel about it. It just did not fit in with or relate to any of the other CBS shows. It was entirely different in terms of style and premise, and people just could not catch onto it. The characters were unique and had an earthiness to them that was unlike characters from other CBS shows. These factors definitely impacted the decision to cancel Battle Creek after only one season.

Some felt that the storytelling also influenced the show’s demise. The storytelling was said to be subtle and slow-moving at times. The cases just did not flow as much as fans had hoped they would, and even the romance that was set up for Duhamel’s character never really picked up speed. Fans from the actual Battle Creek stated that while the show was good they felt that it did not accurately depict the area. Some even added that they would watch it when at home but it was not the type of show that they would anxiously await or stay in for. The Battle Creek Enquirer went on to say that the show did not feel or look like the real place at all.

Despite the cancellation, some fans feel that the show had potential and could have went somewhere. It could have been successful had it taken off a little better right from the start. The low ratings and time slot did not help matters, and the show was cancelled by CBS after just one season. Creators of Battle Creek were hopeful that it would become a hit and gain a steady following, according to Deadline Hollywood. Unfortunately, the plan for the show did not work out.

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  1. Lisa   May 10, 2015 at 3:47 pm

    I wish they would keep Battle Creek. Having it on at 10:00 on a Sunday was a bad idea. The age group they had are usually gone to bed at that time to get ready for the worst day of the week (Monday). I get really tired of the networks canceling the shows after one season .


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