Blackhawks Enthusiasm Keeps All the Ducks in a Row and Force Game 7


Blackhawks enthusiasm keeps all the ducks in row, to force game seven. This is the deciding weekend to see which team will represent the western conference. Game six was a must win for Chicago, and they were able to bring on the win with no overtime, so they were tucked into bed at a decent hour. A good night sleep is what all four round three teams will need for their up and coming game seven this weekend. A former NHL player said that for the most part the team has to do everything the same way it always did. Doing something differently for game seven, than they did from the start of the series can throw off their game.

BlackhawksThe Blackhawks will have to line up Ryan Kesler in-game seven with the rest of the Ducks, and force their way to the Stanley cup finals. The Ducks paid a nice lump sum for Kesler, so they would not be crushed from teams such as the Redwings. Detroit has run all over several teams, and they did it by going straight up the middle. The Blackhawks also made a play for Kessler, but the Ducks won out. Chicago and Anaheim were the only teams Kesler agreed to renounce his no-trade part in his contract with the Canucks. The Ducks wanted a center that could play like him, which they had to trade three other players for him. The Canucks insisted that the Blackhawks give them Teuvo Teravainen for Kesler, but Chicago said no way. He told everyone he was going to win a championship in Anaheim.

Tom Laidlaw is a former NHL player, and has explained that most athletes are superstitious. They really believe that if they do not follow their regular routines before an especially big game, they would lose. It becomes necessary to do everything just as they always did, if they put their right shoe on and tied it before putting the left one, then that is the way it has to be done before game seven. Each player will try to act as if it is not a big deal, even though it certainly is.

The general manager of the Nashville Predators, David Polle said that no one could have planned a better semi finals match up, then these four teams. Both the east and the west going to a seventh game, the fans have two good series to watch, even if their team loses they had a good game to see. Rangers vs Lightning, and Blackhawks vs Ducks, four great teams playing their hearts out for the big silver cup. Commissioner Gary Bettman said the best way for him to sum up these years semi finals is Sensational, unpredictable, and exciting. Even the Ducks own defenseman had to say that it was the most exciting series he has ever played. One definitely could not ever count out any team until the last game. When a team was down, they would always bounce right back.

The Ducks will be lined up Saturday night, so either the Blackhawks will take them out, or Anaheim will triumph over Chicago. NBC will broadcast the game live. The anticipation of this weekend is fueling the fans with excitement. Game seven Kesler is said to be the one to watch, and Chicago big gun Teravainen, a match up built with anticipation. It adds up to an enjoyable night for all.

By Katherine Miller-Chichester


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