‘The Walking Dead’ Spinoff Creates Apocalyptic Beginning From Real Events [Videos]

The Walking Dead

As there are many different theories as far as how exactly a zombie apocalypse starts, The Walking Dead has promised to go back and show viewers their version of it. The Walking Dead spinoff, Fear the Walking Dead, will create the apocalyptic beginning, that started it all, and from events that have happened in reality. Taking viewers to the time before the world was crawling with walkers, the show will be a prequel to the beloved zombie series. As the viewership for the original show has been massive, it is possible that the spinoff will receive just as much attention. If the show truly does justice to The Walking Dead in the The Walking Deadprequel, knowing how the zombie apocalypse started, and possibly even incorporating well loved characters from the original show, could prove to be successful. Even more than that, being able to incorporate things that viewers remember from real life, could prove to gain interest. As the show does not start until later this year, fans can only wait to see if the spinoff will follow in the successful shadows of its parent show, The Walking Dead.

With an official premiere currently set to air in August, the well anticipated Fear the Walking Dead still has many months before it hits the television screen, however, as a tease, much has been released about the series. Providing fans of the main show with footage that will peak their interest about the spinoff, AMC has released information about actors/actresses and the characters they play, as well as releasing images and more recently a trailer that provides footage for the show, which already has two seasons ordered for it. The network is expecting the show to do well, and as a result they are giving fans bait, piece-by-piece.

On such piece of bait was a statement reflecting the fact that the show would incorporate reality into its theme, in several different ways. Based on true events, the spinoff will be very different from the original. Executive producer Greg Nicotero said in an interview that the most important part of the spinoff is how it captures the audience. He said that as the theme of the spinoff is not necessarily to highlight a story about ‘patient zero’ which started the walker apocalypse, but rather show how characters in the show perceived the information they received when people began eating other people. Sources state that the creator of the shows, Robert Kirkman once claimed that he knew how the whole zombie apocalypse started, but that he was not as interested in telling that story, as he is about telling the ones he has told, so far, in the series. He supposedly stated that he has never even written the story down, meaning he is the only one who knows it. Thus the bigger focus of the theme which centers more on reaction gives fans much to think about, as Nicotero says that The Walking Dead spinoff would create the apocalyptic beginning of the walkers from real events.

In 2012, what became known as the “bath salts zombie attack” hit the news and took people by storm. Bath salts, a synthetic cocaine substitute, was responsible for violent attacks, according to authorities at the time, and in Miami the incident actually led to fear of a zombie apocalypse. Police shot and killed homeless man, Randy Eugene, who was eating the face of another homeless man, Ronald Poppo. After Eugene had ripped off his shirt and then eaten Poppo’s face to the bone, he refused to quit when police apprehended him. It was the public’s reaction to this event, featured in the video below, that gave producers inspiration in the theme of Fear the Walking Dead.

Another real event in which the show will be loosely based on, is the recent Ebola outbreak that occurred. Nicotero said one story in which a nurse refused to quarantine herself, after coming back from Africa gave them inspiration for creating scenes of how character’s accidents only further helped the walker virus to spread.

However, as promised by producers, Fear the Walking Dead will be very different from the The Walking Deadoriginal series. Nicotero said that this is because the original features families who are broken and torn apart because of the walker apocalypse. Producers state that the spinoff will feature characters who are in torn families that will come together.

The producers have also found many other ways to incorporate real events into The Walking Dead spinoff,. More of this will come to light after the series starts later in the year. Cast members who are currently working on the newest series appear to be having just as much fun as the cast members of the original, in the behind-the-scenes footage that has been released. Set in Los Angeles, cast members get to be part of the zombie apocalypse, in the making, that the producers have created, based on real events, for The Walking Dead spinoff, Fear the Walking Dead.

By Crystal Boulware


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