Kylie Jenner Fans Know Age Is Not the Real Issue

Kylie Jenner Fans Know Age Is Not the Real Issue

The Kardashian family is a clan made of up unconventional characters who have continually been at the center of controversy and media frenzy. Their popularity is still strong despite the many rumors and gossip that surround the sisters. Their rise to fame started from the beginning when the the sisters first burst on the scene and became well known. Their two young sisters would remain in the background up until now, before each would finally break out and find their own stardom. To their fans, Kylie Jenner’s age may not not be biggest issue, though it seems that the limelight is starting to get to her.

With so many media outlets probing into her beauty secrets, their constant focus on the issue is starting to make Kylie feel insecure about herself. Their family may not be ideal because of the attention they receive but the sisters still try to lead normal lives, even though they are surrounded by camera’s and paparazzi. How is it possible to judge them when they have done everything imaginable? They would become well known for sex tapes, and throwing lavish weddings, all while jet-setting around the world.  It may not be her age but the society she lives in making Kylie fall under the pressure.

When a woman’s looks are the subject of scrutiny whenever someone sees a flaw and her lips protrude more than usual, it makes them wonder if she had something done. Though it may just be their plain curiosity and them wanting to know about her beauty secrets. Kylie Jenner seems to be drawing her attention with her relationship with rapper Tyga. This pairing making some wonder if she will follow into her sister’s footsteps and marry a famous rapper. Will the Jenner Sisters break out of their family’s mold and follow a different path or will they succumb to the pressures of Hollywood, and become like so many reality stars who end up falling off the radar? The fact that she has already been photographed going to clubs, while being linked to rappers may not be an indication because she is still young and may be at an age where she adjusted to fame.

Going out to clubs every night, will not do much to dissuade people from thinking that they are no different from any other fame hungry socialite, because it will only make the attention they receive mount. Though people regularly see Kylie Jenner in selfies looking mature and grown up, it seems that she is coming out of her sister’s shadow. In a time in which social media has only gotten more huge, and the people who use it are young, will it make reality stars become more famous because their millions of followers are keeping them relevant? In the future, even after their star has faded, their name will still live on because social media catapulted them to great heights. If their brand continues to expand like it has, can Kylie and Kendall Jenner keep it going? Some of their many fans see that Kylie’s age is not the real issue, rather it is the way she is being influenced by society, and her feeling insecure about her looks.

Perhaps people’s judgement and criticism of Kylie Jenner may be too harsh, because she is a young girl trying to have an identity. Everyday celebrities are put under a microscope and criticized for everything they do, and with someone as young as Kylie Jenner, it only makes people to want judge her even more, even though she is a young girl who may not be as adjusted to fame, just yet.

We are now in a time where the media influences the way we feel about things. They put people on a pedestal then bring them down whenever they do something wrong. When Kylie Jenner was seen in a picture out with Tyga wearing a gold band on her finger, Some of them alluded to a possible engagement for Kylie, even though she would quickly dispute the rumors. Some have questioned the relationship between Kylie and Tyga and have said that it is inappropriate given the age difference. A young girl who is linked to an older man may turn heads and will make people be critical of her. Where is the line drawn for how much they can nitpick everything she does? A person should be able to freely hang out with whoever they want without being judged for it.

Will the media turn on Kylie like they have done to other celebrities, or will they continue to make stories up? Such as the case with how they seem to focus on her lips even though she has already admitting to using lip fillers. Kylie also says that she deals with some insecurity in regards to this, which is a normal thing for young girl, especially if they are in the entertainment industry, a place where looks are important and can either make or break a person. Most of her fans realize that the reason for the criticism she receives does not have to do with her age but who she is, being a high profile person in the media. They are the ones who remain supportive of Kylie even though she may be judged harshly by the media.

By Tabitha Jenkins

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