Bobbi Kristina, What Really Happened and Will Family Pull Life Support


More information has been released concerning Bobbi Kristina’s medical emergency January 31. It is believed that boyfriend, Nick Gordon, had anger issues and believed she had sex with a guy friend that night. Then she was discovered unconscious in a full bathtub, which she would not have gotten into willingly.

Nick, 25, his friend Max Lomas, 25 and Max’s girlfriend, Danyela Bradley, 18, were in Debra Reis Brooks’ home that night. Debra, 56, said that she wishes did had not seen or heard the things that had gone on in her home. Debra is working with police through an ongoing investigation. She believes that she possibly heard an incriminating conversation between Max and Nick.

She commented that Bobbi Kristina and Nick had a fight at 12:30 a.m. Then Max left with Nick. That is when Nick believes this male friend came over for sex.

Debra said Nick was the one who claimed this guy came over to see Bobbi Kristina. The Enquirer believes that this man was Duane Tyrone Hall, 24. At 3 a.m. Bobbi Kristina posted a selfie, then one with her and Duane, six hours before she was discovered unconscious.

Initially, press reports believed the unidentified man was Edwin Demarco, not Duane. Another source told the Enquirer if Nick saw Bobbi Kristina having sex with another guy, it would certainly be understood how the violent dispute erupted.

The Enquirer tried to reach Duane for an interview. His mother, Muline, 57, said Duane was not available. Then she was asked if she knew of a sexual relationship between Duane and Bobbi Kristina. She said she had no idea.

Duane has a shameful history with drugs. He and Nick had been seen together a few days later, when Nick was pulled over February 2 for a driving violation. Police discovered some marijuana residue inside the center console of the car. No charges were filed.

January 14, Duane was cited in a police report. Cops arrested Max for marijuana possession and drug distribution at a hotel in Roswell. Duane and Danyela were both present for the arrest.

Debra said her calm habitat was disrupted immediately after Max called 911, at 10:23 a.m., the following morning. Debra saw that there was something going on and ran outside to find out what was wrong. Nick was completely out of control. The police asked Debra to take him inside so they could bring Bobbi Kristina out on a stretcher. The police did not want Nick to see her.

Nick was in a panic and still drunk. Debra stated that she remembered Nick vomiting multiple times at her house. He was an accused drug dealer, but he was pre-occupied with going to jail. He was scared and kept saying he could not get arrested. He was worried the accident was going to be blamed on him. He said “I didn’t do it. I found her. I just got her out.” Max and Nick went into a corner to talk. Police would talk to them, and then they would go back to the corner.

Debra talked about Bobbi Kristina having seizures. She she had seized and hit her head, knocking herself unconscious. However, has she stopped to think, in the middle of the chaos, she remembered that Bobbi Kristina had stopped taking baths. In February 2012, the accidental drowning of her mother, Whitney Houston, still upset her. Debra did not think there had been any crime committed, she simply believed the idea of her getting into a tub did not make sense. Bobby Brown’s lawyer was asked about the allegations stated by Debra, he stated that her allegations were not true.

During the second search of Bobbi Kristina’s home multiple drugs were found. Nick, a primary person of interest, pleads innocent concerning the drugs. Friends come forward to talk about her drug use.

Debra thinks Nick’s drug and alcohol problems made his violent temper worse and could have been a variable in Bobbi Kristina’s death. He had been physical with her before. A week earlier, January 23, police were called to her home for domestic disturbance. When the cops got to the house no one was home.

Marlene Bradley, 50, Danyela’s mother, gave the Inquirer an interview exclusive, that her daughter told her she did not believe the drowning was accidental. Danyela heard Nick losing his temper not long before Bobbi Kristina’s body was found. Nick was the last person to see her alive.

Nick was a crying mess on Dr. Phil. Later he went to rehab.

Bobbi Kristina is still in a coma in Atlanta, Georgia, to keep her condition stable. She is not progressing and she has irreversible brain damage. It was announced today, May 26, that the family plans to remove Bobbi Kristina from life support.

By Jeanette Smith


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  1. james   May 26, 2015 at 11:42 pm

    Give her some marijuana .I heard that it helps out stroke patients.maybe it could some way fix her brain waves plus it also helps seizers also.I would try it all before they pull the plug.on a Beautiful woman.She does have a chance.she,s NOT DEAD YET>>

  2. james   May 26, 2015 at 11:36 pm

    I really do not think she should be taken off life support at this time!Some way she just might wake up.shock treatment or another way so that this triangle can get the correct facts on how Bobbi Kristina died in a bathtub that she never used.Because that is the way her mother died from drowning.I would check out the drugs that were in her body at the time of her being in the tub.sounds pretty fishy to me?I would have all those people that were involved take a lie detector test.Then you will see how they all react! I still think that she will wake up.Then she can tell the whole story?what do you think?I would even say that she is maybe getting better just to find out who did the terrible deed.WAKE UP BOBBI !!!!!


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