Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James Sets Recent Record Making Five Straight NBA Finals

Cleveland Cavaliers

If there was any doubt in fans minds about how skilled LeBron James is when it comes to basketball, there is even less doubt now, as James has set a recent record, making it to five straight NBA finals, after helping the Cleveland Cavaliers advance. This is something that has not been done since the year 1966, when Bill Russell did it. Of course Jame’s team members helped him out a lot, but as a major player in the team, James has scored many times in this season, which undoubtedly helped the Cavaliers along. With a sweep of the four Conference games, the Cavaliers successfully took out the Atlanta Hawks, and became one of two teams who will play for a 2015 NBA Championship. The team that will go against them has yet to be determined, as the Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors are still facing off. With a sweep it looks as though the Cavaliers have an easy win, though some are not so sure.

Sources credited James for taking the Cavaliers so far after their win in Game 3. Then the team went on to win Game 4, as well. Calling the Cavaliers a “Championship starved team,” sources stated that Jame’s decision to rejoin the Cavaliers for the most recent season was great for the team. This seems a little like discrimination, as there are many other players on the team, who have also played well, helping James to score, often times. However, it is pretty impressive to many that James was able to make five straight NBA finals, setting a record between his advances for the Cleveland Cavaliers (his most recent team) and Miami Heat (which sometimes won the team a Championship and many times gave him the title of MVP for the finals and the season).

Though James has played well, some do not believe that the finals will be in the Cavaliers’ favor. Sources state that out of 13 teams who swept into the NBA finals, only eight won. Some believe that the Cleveland Cavaliers, though they played great in the Playoff games, may not be able to win the Championship. The Warriors have also played well, and if they are able to beat the Houston Rockets in tonight’s Game 5, they will advance to play the Cavaliers in the finals game.

LeBron and the Cleveland Cavaliers do have the advantage though, as James has set the most recent record for an NBA player to advance to five straight finals games. As this is not LeBron’s ‘first rodeo,’ so to speak, he should know the game by now, and will hopefully be preparing to bring out his best game and take home the 2015 Championship, though it was Cleveland Cavaliersbefore the season that James told reporters that he was not going to make any promises about winning the Championship in 2015

Upon rejoining the Cleveland Cavaliers James told reporters in an interview that he was joining a young team with a new coach. He stated that he could not promise that he would be able to lead the team to a Championship. This is ironic now as James has nearly done just that. As he and his team have now advanced to finals, only a few games stand in their way (four regular but up to seven) of taking the Championship trophy. The finals games will definitely be interesting ones, with a new set of teams, compared to the last several years which featured mostly Miami Heat, the San Antonio Spurs, and the Los Angeles Lakers, with just a few others in the mix.

The Cleveland Cavaliers most recent advance to finals was in the 2006-2007 season, though they lost to the San Antonio Spurs, never winning a single Championship. Should they go up against the Golden State Warriors in the finals, they will be playing against a team that has not advanced to finals since 1974-1975, but it was that year that the Warriors won the Championship. Both teams will be fighting hard for the Championship, as both teams seem to really need one, however, the Cavaliers probably need it the most, which could be fueling their A-games.

So far, LeBron James may have set a recent record for making five straight NBA finals games, taking the Cleveland Cavaliers to finals, but it will be quite a record if he and his team are able to finish off their season with a Championship win. Currently the finals are set to begin on June 4. Until all of the games are played, fans will have to wonder if the Cleveland Cavaliers, with LeBron, can win the Championship.

By Crystal Boulware


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