Climate Change the Most Apocalyptic Threat Towards Humans, Says Bill Nye

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For the graduation commencement address at Rutgers University, Bill Nye “the science guy” was invited to address the crowd and give a few words of wisdom to the Class of 2015. Though, he decided to warn the young graduates by stating that climate change is now the most apocalyptic threat towards humans.

Nye compared the psychological pressure people face now with environmental disasters caused by the onslaught of human-induced global warming to what the previous generations experienced during World War II. He made a charge to the 2015 graduating class that they must be outspoken about climate change to those who deny that the disintegrating health of the Earth will eventually destroy the human race.

Nye stated, “Our climate is changing. Denying this is in no one’s best interest.” For example, he explained that the same scenario would happen if one were to ask a climate change denier that there is a conspiracy among those who say smoking cigarettes cause cancer. There is nearly enough information about the threats facing mankind as there is in cancer research from cigarette smoking.

Nye said big tobacco institutions have known about the evidence and had accepted the fact that cigarette smoking undoubtedly causes cancer since the 1950s. Though, this did not perturb their economic plans to advertise their product to the public. Furthermore, tobacco companies tended to pay scientists to create results that were in their favor to prolong the controversial public debate about the risks associated with smoking.

Nearly 96 percent of the world’s leading climatologists are in agreeance that climate change is real, and the self-inflicted wound to the environment will continue to grow. Man-made carbon pollution has sickened the atmosphere and has brought increasing environmental hardship to nearly every person on Earth. For example, in California, the San Joaquin River has dried up in many places, causing the breakdown and alteration of migration routes of Chinhook salmon. This has resulted in artificial methods of migration, such as trucks transporting the fish to the San Francisco Bay to spawn.

Nye stated to the crowd, “Will there be environmentally-friendly green gases they’ll be able to use against the enemy?…Will there be a Green Day to rival D-Day?” Ignorance and malevolence among climate change deniers has caused a fracture in the release of evidence and information regarding the possibly apocalyptic event that could destroy the Earth.

Currently, climate change is a completely bifurcated issue in the news and among the world’s politicians and lawmakers. It is nearly a 50/50 split for those who have been polled about their beliefs in the reality of climate change. Nye said it comes as no surprise that public opinion is radically out of control. Nine out of 10 climate change deniers are linked to Exxon Mobile, not the most environmentally friendly company, he said.

Earlier this year, a report was leaked that a small team of Harvard scientists published nearly a dozen papers challenging the validity of climate change. An investigation found that the team received around $1.2 million from oil companies for their “findings” for the studies.

Although Nye’s speech was geared towards saving the planet, it was welcomed by both students and those in the crowd. One student said, “We all grew up on Bill Nye, so anything he has to say we are going to take into consideration.” He explained that the ramifications of the aftermath of climate could be dire. The situation with the Earth could turn into an apocalyptic, “no-way-out overheated globe,” is nothing is done now to halt the onset of global warming caused by climate change.

By Alex Lemieux


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