Congo Army Kills 16 ISIS-Backed Ugandan Insurgents

congo army

According to a military spokesman, the army of Democratic Republic of Congo killed 16 Ugandan Islamist insurgents this weekend in a fierce skirmish. The Congo army is attempting to push back ISIS-backed rebels from the nation’s violent eastern region. As stated by Major Victor Masandi, a spokesman for the Congo army, “The toll from the battle is 16 ADF killed, six AK-47s recovered.”

Operation Sukola, conducted by the Congolese forces, began last year against the Allied Democratic Force (ADF), who are trying to overthrow the current government. The group also has been accused of killing nearly 300 people in a village in the North Kivu province last year.

Four Congo army soldiers were also killed during the fighting. The battle initially began near the town of Kokola.

In the 1990’s, the ADF was created to fight the national government of Uganda. However, the group has now evolved into an Islamic extremist insurgency, illegally trading timber and gold to fund their operations.

By Alex Lemieux


Thomson Reuters Foundation

Photo by U.S. Army Africa – Creativecommons Flickr License

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