Earthquake Hits Japan 5.2M, 97 More World-Wide

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A 5.2 magnitude earthquake with a depth of 24 km. hit Naze, Kagoshima, Japan. The earthquake hit at 13:28 p.m., Friday May 22 at 13:28 p.m. UTC. There have not been any reports from the public.

11 hours ago, a 4.1 magnitude earthquake with a depth of 14 km, hit Napa, California. 2,813 people reported that earthquake. An hour ago, 4 other low magnitude earthquakes hit California. Those earthquakes ranged from 1.9 to a 2.2 magnitude and the deepest one was 10 km in depth.

There have also been seven earthquakes in Alaska in the past five hours. There has been one in Puerto Rico and one in Oklahoma, as well, in the past few hours. All of these earthquakes were also of a low magnitude. There have been low magnitude earthquakes all over the United States in the last 12 hours. One even hit Maine at a 2.0 magnitude and a 5 km depth.

There appears to be no injuries or damage caused by these earthquakes that have been reported at this time. However, there have been 98 earthquakes today. The one with the highest magnitude was a 5.7 in Honiara, Makira and the Solomon Islands. That was at 7:38 a.m. UTC.

By Jeanette Smith

Sources: Earthquake Track: 5.2 Magnitude Earthquake Near Naze, Kagoshima, Japan

Photo courtesy of Natsuko Kadoyama’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License