Earthquake Hits Xinjiang China With Magnitude of 4.5


An earthquake has hit the city of Xinjiang, China, with a magnitude of 4.5. It occurred at 10.58 UTC.

Reports are currently still scarce in regards to any damage having been caused to the surrounding area, and also in relation to any injuries or death that occurred as a result of the earthquake. All that is known so far is that the depth of the incident totaled one km, and that it was in the south part of the aforementioned region.

The affected region is located 369km south-west of Urunchi, which is said to have a population of just over one and a half million people. It is also 132km east of Kuqa, China, which has a population of just over 68,000.

China has experienced seven earthquakes in the past month, with the most significant of them registering as a 6.4 on the Richter scale. This took place in Suao, Taiwan. As well as being the biggest earthquake in the past month, it is also the most significant in the entire year so far, beating out the 4.5 magnitude earthquake that just hit Xinjiang by far.

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Photo by Peter Morgan – Creativecommons Flickr License

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