Earthquake in Nevada Brings Range of Reactions

EarthquakeLas Vegas, Nevada – At approximately 11:42 Pacific Standard Time, Nevada was hit with a rather strong 5.4 earthquake. The quake was northeast of Las Vegas, surrounded by Caliente to the north, Alamo to the west, Coyote Springs directly south and Carp, which is located southeast of the epicenter. According to the US Geological Survey the quake hit 39km South Southwest of Caliente, Nevada.

Earthquake post a range of reactions from those who witnessed and experienced the trembler.  Reports claim that the ground was rolling as opposed to shaking. Whole houses swayed for a few seconds as kitchen objects were heard rattling. Some report, beds moving, bookshelves swaying, blinds moved while desks rattled and buildings vibrated. Another report said that three people felt their chairs swaying back and forth. While on the west side of town near Ft Apache and Charleston people claim to have felt nothing.

Most of the reports say that the experience lasted no more than 5 seconds. Nevertheless, a Moapa County resident says the shaking seemed to last 30 seconds.

Empirical evidence and the sum of eyewitness accounts appears to suggest that the 5.4 Nevada Earthquake was mildly felt at best. With the largest reported earthquake in Nevada history, 7.1 magnitude, having occurred exactly one hundred years ago, it may be wise to be guarded, following a temblor of this size.

By DiMarkco Chandler




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