Earthquake Near San Juan Registers 5.2 in Magnitude


An earthquake has just hit near San Juan, the capital city of San Juan province in Argentina. The natural disaster registered as a 5.2 on the Richter scale.

The event took place at 23:00pm UTC time (4pm PST, and 7pm EST). It is not yet known any potential damage the disaster caused, both in terms of any land/property damage as well as any injuries or deaths suffered by the residents of San Juan, Argentina following the 5.2 magnitude earthquake. The depth is reported as being 30km.

The area in which the quake struck is called Mendoza. It is located in the Cuyo region, and is the capital of Mendoza Province. It is most famous for being in the heart of the nation’s wine country. Their population was last reported in 2010 as consisting of just over 115,000 people, although that is said to be quickly growing due to the amount of tourists who come to the area and decide to stay, and the individuals who formerly lived in other parts of the country and chose to move there instead.

By Rebecca Grace


Earthquake Track

Photo by xxxx – Creativecommons Flickr License

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