Earthquakes Hit Chile, Pakistan and Iran


Today, three different mid-level earthquakes hit cities in Pakistan, Iran and Chile just hours apart. A 5.4 magnitude quake occurred near Jiwani, Pakistan and another with magnitude 5.4 hit Chabahar, Iran. An hour earlier, a quake measuring 5.1 on the Richter scale hit 52.8 miles west of Vallenar in northern Chile. This was the largest earthquake in the Vallenar region this month.

The region near Vallenar has been hit by 34 mid-level quakes since the beginning of this year and two of them in the past week alone. No casualties have been reported in the region. Aftershocks are expected from the quakes in Pakistan and Iran though.

Vallenar lies in the Atacama region of Chile and the last major earthquake there had been in 1922. Today’s quake was very shallow, only 5.5. miles below the surface. Chile is a quake-prone country because just off its coast, the Nazca tectonic plate goes below the South American plate. These two plates were responsible for the formation of the Andes mountain range too.

In recent times, the Chilean government has also taken measures to mitigate the affects of natural disasters. They have modernized their building codes which has vastly decreased the death toll. The quake followed the Calbuco volcano eruption that happened in late April in the southern part of the country. Chile has faced a series of natural disasters recently including floods and mudslides in the northern part of the country and wildfires in the south.

By Anugya Chitransh


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Photo alobos Life’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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