Houthi Rebels Violate Humanitarian Peace Treaty With Saudis


According to a Saudi-led coalition spokesman, the Houthi militants in the area and those who are still loyal to deposed leader Saleh have violated the five-day long humanitarian peace treaty. On Monday, Saudi Arabia offered the Houthis a five-day ceasefire to allow humanitarian efforts into the country. However, it would have to have come with peace from the rebels.

The United Nations has been attempting to send aid to the battle-scarred area for months. Tens of thousands of citizens have fled the Saudi and Yemeni regions for safer areas. Many buildings and infrastructure has been damaged in the towns and people have limited access to water, food, and other essentials.

On Monday morning, Saudi soldiers and Houthi rebels clashed in an intense firefight near the border of Yemen. The heaviest hit areas by rocket fire were the towns on Najran and Jizan. According to the residents of towns, they reported hearing heavy gunfire and rocket fire.

Shortly after the Saudis soldiers attacked a Houthi compound, the rebels began launching short range Katyusha rockets into the towns. The firefight was in order to push back the rebels out of the seized towns, including Sanaa, the capital of Yemen.

By Alex Lemieux


Twitter: Al-Arabiya English

Photo Courtesy of IRIN Photo’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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