EDC Gears Up for New Events in 2015, but May Lose Its Name


EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) brings around thousands of people every year. At its different locations, carnival goers can enjoy attending one, if not both, of the two days that the carnival hosts, in both Las Vegas or New York. With music, carnival rides, performers, and electric art, the EDC  is a brand known well, but as it gears up for new events in the year 2015, the EDC may be looking at changing its name if it loses in the lawsuit.

This year’s Electric Daisy Carnival will revisit two of its biggest locations: New York and Las Vegas. In New York people can enjoy events at the kineticCATHEDRAL, the circuitGROUNDS, the EDCcosmicMEADOW or the neonGARDEN, all of which host their own type of music from electrifying power to deep base. Each event space is, of course, accompanied with its own theme of lights. Attendees can also enjoy the line up of music for 2015, some of which include performances by Martin Garrix (featuring Usher), Kaskade, MixmashRecords, HARDWELL, Calvin Harris, Duke Dumont, Jack Beats, Flosstradamus, Nicky Romero, Rudimental (Featuring Ed Sheeran) and many more. Those who go to the carnival in New York can also attend events at one of the previously listed four stages and also the bassPOD, the wasteLAND, or the funkHOUSE. At both locations many of the rides, art and EDC performers host the same theme, and provide attendees with quite a spectacle.

New York residents and visitors can look forward to the carnival on May 23 and 24, 2015. Las Vegas residents and visitors can attend on June 19, 20, or 21 of 2015. As the EDC gears up for the new events that will take place this year, in 2015, the owners could find that they lose the name for its setup next year, as a recent lawsuit may threaten it.

In the battle between the founder of HARD events, Gary Richards, and the CEO of Insomniac Events, Pasquale Rotella, a suit has been filed against the ability for the carnival to use the name Electric Daisy Carnival. As Insomniac Events hosts the current EDCcarnival, and has made a large brand out of it, the former partner Richards is claiming that he created the trademark name as he founded it in the year 1991. Richards is seeking payment against Rotella for the use of the name to represent the carnival.

On the other side of things, Rotella claims that Richards gave him verbal permission to use the name when he left the event over a supposed difference of opinion between the two on how the event should be run. Rotella may actually have proof of such a verbal agreement, as sources state that Richards stated at an interview that Rotella could use the EDC name, claiming that it was fine as he had done an amazing job with the brand. However, the statement appears to show that Richards was fine with Rotella using the name because he worked at the label.

Involved in the law suit is also a third party, Live Nation who owns both companies, HARD Events and Insomniac Events. Based in Beverly Hills, California, the company focuses on concert promotions and live events. Live Nation declined the opportunity to make statements on the lawsuit, as did Richards. However, Rotella did comment on the situation claiming that he believes that the lawsuit is probably just out of spite, as the latter turned down Richards’ offer to be a 50/50 partner in his new venture HARD events.

Until a judge finds favor in one side or the other, the EDC will currently not lose its name and will be using it to gear up for new events for this year’s carnival in 2015. As the Electric Daisy Carnival impresses thousands every year it is sure to be a spectacular event for many once again.

By Crystal Boulware


EDC New York
EDC Las Vegas

Right photo by Factor VIII – Creativecommons Flickr License
Left photo by Keith – Creativecommons Flickr License

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