Elizabeth Warren Could Use Her Political Edge to Her Advantage

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Elizabeth Warren has had an unusual rise in American politics, and could use this political edge to her advantage if she does run for the top position in the United States. There is a real push for Warren to run for the presidential position, with even a Facebook page and website operating in an attempt to entice the Democratic Massachusetts Senator to put her nomination in.

Despite persistent calls for her to nominate for the presidential position, she has so far declined this request. She is a bankruptcy law professor, which enables her to explain difficult financial regulations in a way that is easy to understand. She also adds a common sense approach to economic populism.

The left-wing of the Democratic Party have fantasized Warren being President of the United States since her inspiring speech at the party’s national convention in 2012. Even some campaign veterans that helped in the election of current President Barack Obama has come on-board the Ready for Warren bandwagon.

Ready for Warren is a committee for political action that was set up purely to influence the popular senator to run for the top job in the United States. Committee members strongly believe Warren could beat favorite Hillary Clinton.

Warren’s supporters group has debated that she is the number one candidate, when it comes to environmental issues. Interestingly, her record in the Senate does not include any major leadership acts on climate change. Although she has not been outspoken on climate change, she did indeed vote against the Keystone XL pipeline.

In saying that, she has made steps forward in becoming a leader in environmental issues. She appealed for action in climate issues and condemned oil companies during an April environmental conference in Washington, D.C.

She is also a member of a committee involving natural resources and energy discussions. She has also demonstrated her willingness and ability to stand up for the public’s interests over big corporations. This could be the catalyst for more aggressive policies on climate moving forward.

It is this tenacity to represent the public’s interests over major corporations that has her in the spotlight. It is corporate power that is seen as the cause of many climate change issues. Her supporters claim that this attitude is the reason why she would be the best person to fight issues on climate change. This edge in politics could be used to Warren’s advantage if she made a bid to become the next President of the United States.

She has also questioned the role that the biomass industry has in the Obama administration’s plan for climate change. Warren, along with fellow Democratic Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey, have strongly encouraged Gina McCarthy, the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, to reconsider how biomass is incorporated in the greenhouse gas regulations proposed by the agency for power plants.

The senators are concerned that biomass could end up being classified as an energy source with low emissions. In their argument to the Environmental Protection Agency, they quoted studies, which showed the growth in forests that would be necessary to offset the emissions of carbon dioxide as a result of using biomass.

Interestingly, Clinton already perceives Warren as a threat, despite her publicly declining the request to run for the presidential position. Clinton has already contacted the Democratic Massachusetts Senator in an effort to block any potential challenge.

If Clinton is indeed concerned about a potential presidential bid by Warren, this would give the Massachusetts resident an ideal opportunity to obtain policy promises as a substitute for not running. As such, Warren could use this political edge to her advantage.

Opinion by Rebecca Brown




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