SSDs Are Losing Data After a Couple of Storage Days


According to experts, SSDs are not good when it comes to storing information for a long period of time. Temperature is the cause for SSDs to lose data after a couple of days.

Hard drives are known to store lots of data in multiple ways, and their fast, fragile, build, is convenient for those that need to save lots of information throughout the day. Those that are built within laptops, and those that are below optimal consumer-grades last for two years if not used daily.

SSD’s stored below the optimal consumer-grade have the retention of data cut in half. According to experts every ninth degree rise in the temperature cuts the storage time span shorter. While enterprise-grade drives are usually found in warmer conditions, they are said to be losing data within days.

SSD losing data after a couple of storage days, makes data reports and transactions that are needed years later down the line, are becoming a problem for many to try to retrieve the lost information. Experts say keeping the devices in a cool environment will help keep data for longer periods of time.

By Krystle Mitchell



Photo By Simon Wüllhorst – Creativecommons Flickr License

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