Eurovision 2015: Full Grand Final Ranking Order [Video]

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On Saturday, May 23, the grand final of 2015’s Eurovision Song Contest was held in Vienna, Austria. The following represents the full ranking order, from winner Mans Zelmerlow (Sweden) to last place finalists The Makemakes (Austria) and Ann Sophie (Germany).

Winner: Mans Zelmerlow, with Heroes. Although it seemed like runner-up Polina Gagarina (Russia) was going to take home the prize in the first half of the voting, the 28-year-old began to receive 12, eight or ten points from pretty much every country that voted in the second half. He finished with a whopping 365 points.

Runner-Up: Polina Gagarina, from Russia. Song: A Million Voices. The 28-year-old was subject to much booing after Belarus awarded the country a full 12 points, following which one of the hosts informed the audience that they needed to be respectful to all the contestants. She ended with 303 points.

Third: Italy’s Il Volo got the first round of 12, ten or eight points from several countries, but fell short to Russia and Sweden after a while. Their song, Grande Amore, left them with 292 points.

Fourth: Loic Nottet, from Belgium, received this place for his performance of Rhythm Inside. The country received a total of 217 points.

Fifth: Guest country Australia did exceedingly well for only just having made their debut in the 60-year-old Eurovision Song Contest. Guy Sebastian’s Tonight Again ended with 196 points.

Sixth: Latvia. Aminata’s Love Injected made a surprising climb to the top in the second half of the voting period, receiving 186 points overall.

Seventh: Elina Born and Stig Rasta, from Estonia, ranked here for their performance of Goodbye to Yesterday. They received 106 points.

Eighth: A Monster Like Me, sung by Kjetil Morland and Debrah Scarlett, received 102 points in the end. This was somewhat surprising to most, as they were one of the top favorites to win the whole thing or at least fall in the first few ranking slots at the end of this year’s Eurovision.

Ninth: Nadav Guedj, from Israel, made history as the first participant from this country to make the final in five years. His performance of Golden Boy was highly coveted and praised by the majority of Eurovision fans, and gave the nation a total of 97 points in the end.

10th: Serbia’s Bojana Stamenov won over the crowd with her ballad turned dance track Beauty Never Lies. The country received 53 points.

11th: In a somewhat shocking turn of events, Georgia’s Nina Sublatti was cut out of the Eurovision 2015 top 10 with a total of 51 points. There has been much backlash from her fans regarding this matter, with many blaming the low score on the failure of the smoke machine used during her performance of Warrior. The singer’s face ended up being clouded by it, and it is believed to have affected her performance in the end.

12th: Elnur Huseynov, from Azerbaijan, ranked in this place with his performance of Hour of the Wolf. The country received 49 points.

13th: Montenegro’s Knez was highly praised for his Balkan performance of Adio, which included his daughter as one of his backup singers/dancers. They received 44 points.



14th: Slovenia. Married duo Maraaya received a total of 39 points for their song Here for You. Marjetka Vovk expressed discontent with her place following the results being announced, stating that Eurovision obviously was not “just about the song”.

15th: Romania’s Voltaj received 35 points for their performance of De la cap─ât/All Over Again. The track aims to promote awareness of the effect parents working overseas has on their children who must stay behind.

16th: Genealogy, from Armenia, ranked here. Their song Face the Shadow earned them a total of 34 points.

17th: Albania’s Elhaida Dani, former The Voice of Italy winner, received 34 points as well. She performed I’m Alive.

18th: Monika Linkyte and Vaidas Baumila, from Lithuania, ended in this place with 30 points. They participated in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest with the song This Time. They received praise for having both same sex and opposite sex couples kiss on stage at the same time they did, in the middle of the song. Indeed, the pair kissed for so long they ended up missing their cue to keep singing the next part of the song.

19th: Greece’s Maria Elena Kyriakou’s One Last Breath received 23 points. This was something as a shock as well, as many believed her to have given a stellar and powerful performance deserving of a much higher place.

20th: Wars for Nothing, sang by Hungary’s Boggie, ranked here. It ended up with 19 points.

21st: Edurne, from Spain, ranked here with her performance of Amancer. Although she was expected to do better, she suffered a noticeable vocal slip-up right at the end of the song. The country received 15 points.

22nd: Cyprus’s John Karayiannis received 11 points in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. He performed the ballad One Thing I Should Have Done. There has been much mention of the fact that, among the jury votes, the singer placed in the top 10.

23rd: Monika Kuszynska, from Poland, fell into this slot. She received a total of 10 points for her song In The Name of Love.

24th: Electro Velvet, the United Kingdom duo consisting of Alex Larke and Bianca Nichols, ended up with five points. Their performance of Still In Love With You had not gone over well with Eurovision fans from the start, and the grand final was no different.


25th: France’s Lisa Angel performed N’oubliez Pas, and received four points. Indeed, most of the straight-to-final seven countries (Austria, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom) fell extremely short of having a good result. The only two that did well were Italy and Australia.

26th: Germany. Ann Sophie did not receive any points for her performance of Black Smoke, a result that the majority of Eurovision fans feel was extremely uncalled for and undeserved. The 24-year-old seems to be taking her loss in stride, however, and recently uploaded a parody of Sweden’s winning song Heroes, changing the lyrics to “zeroes” to reflect her place.

27th: Host country Austria came in dead last, also with no points. The Makemakes also did not seem to be too upset, and likewise uploaded the same parody. They performed the song I Am Yours at May 23’s grand final.


The controversy surrounding these rankings, and whether or not they were deserved, continues to remain front and center with the Eurovision crowd. Debates regarding jury vote/televote, disqualifications based on “cheating” etc, and just plain bitterness overall are still going strong.

By Chanel van der Woodsen


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