Eurovision Semi-Final #1: The Shocking and Somewhat Disappointing Results (Part 2) [Video]


On May 19, 2015, the first of two semi-finals was held for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Seven participants were rejected from getting a place in the May 23 grand final in Vienna, Austria; much of these results were both shocking and disappointing (as well as surprising), and certainly defied the expectancy of fans involved in the ESC.


Anti Social Media (Denmark): The Way You Are Surprising: While the fate of the boys most certainly hung by a thread given the indifference many people had to them making the final or not, there was a certain level of fan dedication on their part that suggested it might just happen. Indeed, it was considered one of the only truly upbeat and lively songs of the whole bunch (40 songs, total) and therefore was viewed as different and more interesting than many others on the list. However, Philip Thornhill and the rest of the band suffered a disappointing loss on Tuesday when they failed to qualify for the final show of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.


Bojana Stamenov (Serbia): Beauty Never LiesSurprising: Although the 28-year-old certainly had a following of her own and has had for some time, consisting of both new and old fans, it was presumed that this entry would simply not make the cut compared to all the other stellar performances that were entered in this year. The message of the song, however, seemingly won over voters in terms of its ballad-turned dance track “be who you are” themed anthem, and Stamenov has found a place in the Eurovision grand final as a result.


Daniel Kajmakoski (FYR Macedonia): Autumn Leams Not Surprising: It is not that the 31-year-old’s song does not in any way have merit, but it was clear from the start that the performance needed to be orchestrated the right way in order to gain any sort of permanent traction from the viewers rather than just a “meh: reaction. His decision to instill backup singers/dancers from the popular 90’s band Blackstreet (now called MERJ) originally seemed like a stellar idea in terms of adding some funk and originality to his song, but ended up resulting in a rather unorganized stage performance on the whole. Not only were the men not in sync during their performance in regards to vocals, but their positioning behind Kajmakoski was slightly off as well as their dance moves being lined up with his. Nobody was really expecting The Voice: Adria star to advance into the final round of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, but this decision essentially sealed the deal.


Elhaida Dani (Albania): I’m Alive: Somewhat Surprising: While it was definitely on the table that the former Voice of Italy winner could make it to the finals, it was also up in the air whether or not she could beat out the multiple other female ballad singers that were competing in the first Eurovision Song Contest semi-final. Her being given the third to last slot in the performance queue is quite possibly one of the reasons that she pushed out the others, as the next performers were a male contemporary group and a female rock singer.

May 23, 2015, will yield the results regarding whether or not the aforementioned winners achievements will amount to more than simply getting through the first round of semi-finals in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. The second round is being held on May 21, 2015.

By Chanel van der Woodsen

Digital Spy – The first Semi-Final winners’ press conference

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