Eurovision Semi-Final #1: The Shocking and Somewhat Disappointing Results (Part 4) [Video]


On May 19, 2015, 17 finalists took the stage in Vienna, Austria to compete for a slot in the Eurovision 2015 grand final. Only 10 could make it though, and some of those who did were both shocking and disappointing to many fans. There were also some results that were blatantly expected, and thus did not surprise anyone in the slightest.


Loïc Nottet (Belgium): Rhythm InsideNot Surprising: The 19-year-old was most certainly a shoe-in from the start with this track. Even non-fans could recognize the unique quality it had that rendered miles over many other contestants, and the message it brought from someone so young.


Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät (Finland): Aina Mun PitääNot Surprising to Most: This group had next to no chance of getting through, but some thought that they may have wound up with votes due to the message of their entry (PKN consists of a four men with various developmental disabilities). Indeed, Twitter blew up following their elimination, with enraged fans voicing their discontent and saying that Europe should be ashamed of themselves. Those who were basing it on a song contest, however, knew that the track simply was not good enough to make it in the end regardless of the cause.


Geneaology (Armenia): Face the ShadowSurprising: From the start, it was clear that these six individuals simply had singing voices that were far too different to co-exist in the same song. However, this is yet another entry with a political cause – the members are all of Armenia decent but grew up in different continents, and have come together to promote awareness of the 1915 Armenian Genocide. Even though the performance continued to sound like two songs mashed together, even in the semi-final, the entry managed to somehow find its way in the Eurovision 2015 grand final. Many considered this result both shocking and disappointing, as Face the Shadow is seen more as a vocal mess than much else by most.

Voltaj (Romania): De la capăt (All over Again) Surprising, For The Most Part: Another song that details a cause; this time, it centers around children who are left behind when their parents go to work overseas and what happens to them as a result. This band was popular before Eurovision, and even won the 2005 MTV Best Romanian Act Award. This is quite possibly one of the main reasons they got through, as there was much ambiguity to the popularity of their entry track. The fact that the song became in English at the end also interested many listeners, as the rest of the Eurovision entries either were or were not in English, 100 percent the whole way through.

Out of this list, the most prominent could-be winner in the May 23 Eurovision 2015 grand final is looked at as being Loïc Nottet. Indeed, his efforts have been close to flawless during his run so far, and bookies have the teenager as one of the top participants in the running for taking the main title home.

Opinion by Chanel van der Woodsen


The Independent – Eurovision 2015 semi-final one results: Favourites Estonia and Russia go through, with Serbia and Belgium impressing

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