FDA-Approved Chin Dissolving Drug Will Not Help the War for Natural Beauty


On Friday, May 1, it was announced that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had approved a new drug, upon the usage of which an individual’s double chin can be dissolved in order to make that part of their face look more like everyone else’s. While this may be a good thing for those who wish to alter their appearance in that manner, it is bad on the whole for the war many have been fighting to promote natural beauty over using surgery/drugs to change how one looks in order to better “fit in” with society.

Promoting natural beauty over what is photo-shopped and digitally created in the magazines and on television has been an immensely growing priority for some time now; many campaigns have been launched in order to help girls and women, for the most part, feel better about who they are without all the “tips” given to them by every outside source imaginable in order to make them feel they have “approved” their appearance. The fact that this new FDA-approved drug comes right in the wake of what was a seemingly significant breakthrough in terms of body acceptance and personal self-worth does not bode well for all the progress such campaigns and organizations have worked tirelessly to instill in those struggling with self-acceptance.

The new FDA drug appears to promote altering one’s physical appearance for no apparent reason other than to avoid any scrutiny over the matter, as excess chin fat is certainly not anything close to a serious health issue. Some procedures and physical re-construction on the face can be necessary, such as getting a nose-job for a deviated septum, or to aid those suffering from a cleft palette. The chin fat dissolver, although undeniably safer due to not being a surgical procedure, does nothing to improve the spirits of those who are already feeling they need to make themselves look as close to what is “attractive” as they possibly can by any means necessary. The fact that such an unecessary procedure has now been given the green light by the FDA in terms of them approving the drug for use is, quite frankly, ridiculous and will in no way help the war to promote natural beauty as much as possible.

The FDA-approved drug is commercially called Kybella, consists of a deoxycholic acid which is made by the California pharmaceutical company Kythera Biopharmaceuticals. The acid in this drug is said to be the same produced by the human body to help in the absorption of fat. The product is said to only take a few minutes to be administered by a licensed dermatoligist. It is injected under the jawline, directly into the fat tissue. It then destroys the cell membrane, resulting in it bursting and disappearing for good.

Although this new FDA-approved drug certainly shows an advancement in medical procedures, it is not a procedure that is overly necessary and in the end will do more harm than good on society. Even though developers may have had the write intentions, the availability of this chin dissolving procedure will in no way help the war on natural beauty that has been being fought by noble causes for many years now.

Opinion By Rebecca Grace



Photo by Todd Huffman – Creativecommons Flickr License

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