FIFA Election Amidst Corruption Investigation

FIFAIn Zurich, FIFA’s election for presidency, which will determine the consequence of the fighting president Sepp Blatter, is to be scheduled near the end of the congressional work day. There has not been a specific time released for the vote.

Prime Minister David Cameron says that the quicker Sepp Blatter steps down as president the better it will be for everyone. Cameron believes that it is time to move forward without Sepp. FIFA president Sepp Blatter is attempting to win a fifth term. The election, however, is during an ongoing investigation of corruption.

According to the Office of Serious Fraud, it has evidence that relates to the FIFA corruption claims. Blatter says that he cannot just ask everyone to behave in an ethical manner. Nevertheless, Qatar has remained vehemently insistent that the World Cup was conducted with imperial ethics.

According to Cameron, there cannot be allegations of corruption at such a high level within FIFA. The Prime Minister believes that the person running the organization is the same person who should move it forward.

Blatter has a strong challenger in Prince Ali Bin al Hussein, who is the third son of the King of Jordan. He has also been a Special Forces commander.

Approximately two hours ago, a bomb threat was called threatening the FIFA congress. All the delegates had to be evacuated and they were told they could not stay in the hall during a 90 minute break for lunch. According to resent reports, there are officers at the scene.

No further information has been released at this time.

By Jeanette Smith

Source: ITV News: Pressure Mounts on Blatter as FIFA presidential election goes ahead.

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