Flooding in Oklahoma Threatens Texas


Flooding in  Oklahoma threatens Texas, With more rain to come with record-breaking floods for Wichita Falls area. The sheriff is knocking on doors urging people to evacuate, water levels are rising slowly, and homes are expected to flood. Officials said that rivers in the city was expected to rise three feet higher than in 2007, when over 165 homes were flooded. In the southern most part of Texas is in Corpus Christi where streets, and cars are under water.

With more rain on the way, forecasters are predicting up to five inches more will fall this weekend. The Trinity river is so swollen, homes are threatened. May has been the wettest month on record, with 13.77 inches of rainfall in Wichita Falls. Lakes are over flowing on to the roads, and personal property is expected to be affected. Residents are up against the clock, trying to protect their homes, and businesses from rapidly rising water levels.

At first look meteorologists thought it would not be so bad, but by Friday afternoon, things changed quickly. A university in Austin had to cancel their inauguration ceremony, because lightning kept striking and the staff could not set up. Flooding in Oklahoma was also threatening Texas, and seven other states. Flash flooding in Oklahoma from excessive rainfall caused bridges to be washed out, and almost 30 people were evacuated.

By Katherine Miller-Chichester


NBC news: Plains States prepare for heavy rainfall, flash flooding

Photo courtesy of mlhradio”s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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