Yellowstone National Park, Super Volcano Is Active

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Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park has been a big debate amongst scientists, in regards to whether or not the super volcano under the national park was active. The answer is now clear, Yellowstone National Park super volcano, is active, and bigger than expected. Yellowstone is located in Wyoming, and it is known as the park with the geyser, bisons, and super volcano. Recently scientist at the University of Utah, discovered a reservoir beneath the old one, and being bigger than expected.

The newly discovered reservoir is a blob of magna which has been reported to be 30 miles long, 44 miles wide, 12 miles deep, and ending 28 miles below the deepness. It is currently sitting in its found location in the park, helping the upper chamber heat up the water. Scientists say the chamber is also pushing on the ground lying above the reservoir, causing the park to rise and fall about three inches a year.

The reservoir is currently calm, however the Yellowstone National Park active super volcano is capable to cause a lot of damage if it erupts. Its last full eruption happened 640,000 years ago, which covered the American sky from the Midwest to the West, in volcanic ash. The size of the volcano has caused it to remain as a constant study amongst scientists. The little magna chamber of molten lava was already known by researchers to sit below the old reservoir, but the amount of magna residing in the surface area, at the bottom of the volcano, is surprising to many scientists.

University of Utah, scientist, have told sources, the newly found volcano chamber is more massive than any volcano chamber, researchers have ever studied before. Its beauty continues to be undeniable with its rich wildlife, but knowing that it is still very active is what makes the volcano even more intriguing. The amount of lava sitting inside of the massive volcano is said to fill the grand canyon, more than 11 times. Scientists have collected a number of samples to safely say it only erupts on very rare occasions. Although chances of an eruption are still low, the cause of a massive one to happen spontaneously, would be due to the new reservoir removing the old reservoir sitting above it.

Reachers have proclaimed the Yellowstone National Park, super volcano will only erupt at a ratio of 1 in 700,000 years. Scientists are closer to knowing when the next eruption will take place, due to samples and years of studies. If this super volcano does erupt the amount of volcanic ash would cover the surface of about 640 cubic miles. Which is enough to cover the majority of America, and release particles of dust into the air that would block sunlight for many years to come.

Researchers are continuously studying Yellowstone National Park for its geysers, bisons, and its super volcano. However, learning that the Yellowstone National Park super volcano is still active, puts researchers on edge wondering when it will erupt again. Scientists also fear the knowledge will give conspiracy theorist a chance to scare people in believing the small eruptions that take place each hour, are leading to a big one since the surfaced reservoir is smaller than the newly discovered reservoir beneath it.

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