Microsoft Corporation, Apple Inc., and Google Succeed on the Tech Battlefield

Microsoft Corporation

Google Inc, Apple Inc, and Microsoft Corporation are among the top technology companies in the world. They each bring their own brand and their own style to the tech battlefield. Each of these companies is always pushing themselves to create the impossible and they often succeed where others have failed.  They challenge each other to create better solutions, understand their targets better, and know their brand. Welcome to the tech battlefield.

Google Inc.

The Google I/O 2015 Developers Conference will kick-off this weekend. Last year the conference included, Android L, Google Auto, Android TV, and the Android Wearables. This year the conference will offer Virtual Reality, satellite mapping, and Google Glass.

Android M was going to be on the schedule for the conference, but was cancelled at the last-minute. It is the developer’s version of the mobile operating system used by Google. It was scheduled as, “An Android for Work Update” workshop that was going to focus around how it could generate new markets for devices used by workers.

Virtual Reality experiences will be offered through headsets that use computers and gaming consoles. Virtual Reality is expected to go mobile, so the experience will be available to more people. Google wants to corner the market on mobile Virtual Reality. There will be a 30 minute workshop session titled, “Make Believe.” During this short seminar Google will show developers the future of Virtual Reality and how it plans to take part in that growing technology. The session will discuss how Virtual Reality can change lives. In addition, those taking part in the conversation will learn how it operates, and how to design experiences for the desired Virtual Reality encounter. The session includes lessons from designer/creator, Katie Goode.

Satellite Mapping has already created accessible pictures of Earth, every inch of land and every dirt road from the Google Van. Now Google will be making cartography services in real-time. This year, the conference is having a session titled, “The Earth in Real Time.” Google is going to soon announce what it has planned for this service. Using Skybox, which the giant tech company purchased last year, Google wants to take another step ahead in satellite imaging and acquire different ways to use the data collected from space to help solve Earth’s problems.

Google Glass has moved up a level. The company is thankful to all the early users of their smart glasses. Google has partnered with Intel to put more power into Google Glass. There has not been any evidence that the wearable will be part of the I/O 2015 schedule. The wearable sessions will be focusing on personal security and fitness with Google. During the creative process, Google has met most challenges with success and are poised to defend and succeed on a tech battlefield that includes Apple Inc. and Microsoft Corporation.

Apple Inc.

When it comes to being challenged on the tech battlefield, there is perhaps none better than Apple Inc.. Just take a look at court records involving Apple Inc. and Samsung over the last few years. Apple Inc. is planning to launch a public transit information feature on Apple Maps. This plan would place Apple in direct competition with Google Maps. Google Maps is well-known and well-used by consumers. Mapping is not an area of expertise for Apple. Consumers are not demanding a mapping tool from the makers of iPhone. Nevertheless, Apple has chosen to create the mapping tool to compete with Google anyway. Apple’s first try was less than successful. It is a shock to some of Apple’s own technologists that this project is being pursued.

Apple Maps, however, will be an extremely valuable feature for the Apple Watch. Getting transit updates on the Apple Watch while walking around another city would be helpful.

Apple Music will be launching in different countries around the globe, including Russia. Not only is this a gutsy move, but it also serves the tech giant’s interest to challenge and compete with the new Spotify update.

Apple Inc. continuously pushes new updates and features in its applications. It appears that prevailing view most tech experts have adopted is that Apple wants to keep its customers wanting more until it reveals bigger plans at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2015, next month. The conference will feature the iOS 9 and the launch of Retina MacBook and the iPad Pro.

Increasing security of Apple ID’s for the Apple Store has been a huge focus for Apple Inc. Apple now requires a two-step process for authentication purposes. Apple users will have to put in their passwords and then enter another code to verify purchases. This is arguably a very smart move by Apple Inc., as they keep security in the forefront of all new roll-outs. Such an emphasis on security can make all the difference in the world especially when battling tech companies like Microsoft Corporation on the battlefield.

Microsoft Corporation

Inconsequential productivity applications are being designed by Microsoft Corporation, which would include Flip, Highlander and Flow. These apps are predominately for mobile users. In designing these apps Microsoft has set a goal of creating an exceptional encounter for its mobile platforms and tablets.

Flow is an email and chat app that is similar to Google Plus. Giving it the Microsoft Corporation touch, it is able to communicate with other informational sources.

Flip is a collaboration and document-sharing app that is comparable to Google Docs. Either Flow or Flip can be used to include information from Social Network sites, for work. Users will be able to watch conversations as well as emails from people they want or need to engage in communications. Reports indicate that Flow and Flip are not closely unified with Microsoft Office 365 Suite, but it is not a requirement for either app.

Highlander is an app for managing small projects. Microsoft Corporation offers a more advanced management application for larger projects called Microsoft Project. The business and enterprise market have become significant users of apps, and those users have become important drivers of revenue. According to a recent study, enterprise mobile apps are more profitable to build for Microsoft Corporation. Developers of enterprise apps can have monthly earnings of $10k above what consumer-focused developers are earning. Many developers are switching over to creating enterprise apps. Enterprising apps will strengthen Microsoft Corporation’s footing in the area of productivity, as well as, increase Microsoft’s corporate customer base. Microsoft Corporation also caters to the gaming world, an edge it has over both Apple Inc. and Google Inc. This puts Microsoft Corporation on an entirely different battlefield all its own.

The Xbox preview app is being released in MayMicrosoft Corporation has conceived new components for an enhanced gaming experience, after Windows 10 is released. Gamers will have the capability to see achievements, game progress and be able to interact with other players using different gaming systems for multi-player cross-platform performance.

The Xbox preview app has a feature for Avatars, customization and the capability to purchase accessories have been added. Gamers will easily be able to block, add, or report other users through the Friends feature. The user can set Favorite Friends, and names are allowed to be shared. Game Hubs will exhibit recent accomplishments and show friends’ gaming lists. Game DVR allow users to use keyboard shortcuts for Game Bar, recording game play, and screenshots. The Testing option allows Xbox One teams to stream; and the gaming console can be turned off when using a Windows 10 computer by simply employing the Connect component. Note, this is only possible when both devices are sharing the same network.

Microsoft Corporation will release updates for specific models of consoles via Xbox One Digital TV Tuner, which is available in 11 countries, Finland, Ireland, Norway, Netherlands, Sweden, Portugal, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, Austria and Denmark. The Wireless Display app is going to be added using an updated Miracast support to allow integration.

Windows PC users will get a notification when the preview version is released in May. The version update comes up as “5.5.20022.00000” or higher. Microsoft Windows 10 has a treasure trove of new features planned. The beta version will be released in the fall. The final release, however, will not come until summer, and will then be available to the public. The date of this release has not been confirmed by Microsoft Corporation.

It can be said that these three technology giants are at war. That means more product options and competitive pricing for the consumer. Apple Inc. Google Inc. and Microsoft Corporation are inventive companies that compete with themselves as much as they compete with each other. All three companies have designed and produced something from someone’s imagination and were perhaps told that what seemed unattainable, could not be done. Nevertheless, each one of these companies have arguably succeeded on the tech battlefield, and have achieved the impossible.

By Jeanette Smith


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Photo courtesy of Keoni Cabral’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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