Foo Fighters to Be Final Musical Guest on David Letterman’s ‘Late Show’

foo fighters

The Foo Fighters are to be the final musical guest on David Letterman’s Late Show on Wednesday night. Letterman chose his favorite band to close out one of America’s longest running television shows.

Letterman has held a special bond with Dave Grohl, the front man for Foo Fighters, and the entire band for the last 15 years. In February of 2000, Letterman underwent an emergency quintuple bypass surgery following a fairly major heart attack. After being on medical leave from the show for over five weeks, he asked the Foo Fighters to play their song Everlong at the consummation of his medical hiatus. Letterman introduced the band rock band stating, “my favorite band playing my favorite song.” As they played for the Late Show host’s recovery from his heart surgery, the Foo Fighters will play out the final episode of the 22-year-long series.

Grohl told reporters that when Letterman was absent because of his surgery, he requested that his band be the first to welcome the host back with his favorite song Everlong. According to Letterman, the song has a special meaning to him. “Ever since that day, we’ve been in love,” said Grohl. He stated that every time he and his band steps into the Ed Sullivan Theater to play, they will never again take it for granted.

By Alex Lemieux


Rolling Stone: Foo Fighters to Serve as Letterman’s Final Musical Guest

Photo Courtesy of  Ben Houdijk’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License


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