Former NBA Player Arrested in Arizona for Running Huge Online Fraud Scheme

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Former All-Star NBA player Chris Gatling was arrested in Scottsdale, Arizona on Thursday for allegedly running a huge online fraud scheme. He was released from jail Saturday morning. Scottsdale police said that apparently, Gatling has been using credit cards belonging to people from all across the country, without their permission or awareness. Arizona police spokesman Kevin Watts said that Gatling was booked in jail on charges of aggravated identity theft, fraud schemes and forgery.

In the beginning of 2015, 47-year-old Gatling had developed a relationship with an owner of a Scottsdale fitness studio, someone he had met through on an online dating site. Gatling allegedly told the studio owner that he managed multiple businesses that created online websites and fixed credit. By telling the victim that he would give her 10 percent of all the money charged in dollar amounts, Gatling was able to convince her to help him make charges to credit card numbers through the use of her business.

Investigators said that Gatling’s deal with the victim allowed him to walk away with 90 percent of the money that came in, as well as having her give him his share upfront, the whole amount in cash. Since the charges were found to be unauthorized, they were charged back to the victim, causing her to lose $90,000 along with her fitness studio.

By Kameron Hadley


StarAdviser: Former NBA All-Star arrested in online credit card scam

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