Fort Worth ‘Unofficial Greeter’ Dies

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The ‘unofficial greeter’ of Fort Worth, Texas, has died. The man, whose name is Charlie Joyner, passed away from cancer back on Saturday, May 2.

Joyner was known for standing on the streets of 3rd and Houston, greeting every single person who walked by him into or out of the downtown area. He was also a resident of the outside community, and was a double amputee.

The grief that has hit the community of Fort Worth in the wake of the matter is substantial. The stories of the residents in the wake of the man’s death make it clear that he was a vital and loved part of their community, and that he will be sorely missed. One resident has since given the statement that they are unaware of another human being who touched as many hearts and made citizens as happy as Joyner did, without ever asking for anything in return.

The memorial service for Charlie Joyner, the ‘unofficial greeter’ of Fort Worth who recently died, will be held on May 12. Reports have stated that 500 people are expected to attend in order to pay their last respects.

By Rebecca Grace



Photo by David – Creativecommons Flickr License

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