‘Game of Thrones’ Clips Leaked [Spoilers]

Game of Thrones

The highly regarded HBO drama Game of Thrones has had clips leaked from episode five. Kill the Boy, will air this Sunday at nine p.m. The clips were allegedly shown on a pay T.V. platform in North Africa and the Middle East, called OSN.com. OSN.com does say that they show episodes at the same exact time on demand as the United States. The clips were also shown on the Instagram page of a fan of the series.

For fans of the show who wish to remain surprised, it might not be a good idea to read further. The clips show Ramsay Bolton (Iwan Rheon) and Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) discussing who might give her away for their up coming nuptials. Ramsay being Ramsay and reminding Sansa in a round about way, that she does not have a father, made the suggestion that Reek/Theon (Alfie Allen) should give her away.

The other clip released of Game of Thrones episode five, is of Jon Snow (Kit Harington) and Master Aemon (Peter Vaughan), with Aemon telling Snow he must kill the boy. Those who have read the books and seen the leaked Game Of Thrones clip will know that Aemon is not speaking of a literal murder, but rather telling John that in order to be a good, strong and effective leader he must kill the child in himself and allow the man that he is to rule. Fans of the show who have not read the books might be worried as the series author George R.R. Martin has no problem with killing off characters, but the short clip that has been leaked is not a sign of an impending murder committed by Jon Snow.

Other promos and spoilers from Game of Thrones give more insight into the mid-season episode. According to the official synopsis of the episode, Danaerys (Emilia Clark) will be faced with a difficult decisions. Speculation is that the decision may be with how she will deal with the rebel group, Sons of the Harpy, as a photo shows her standing over Barristan Selmy’s (Ihan McElhinney) body, who died at the groups hands. The decisions also could have to do with the dragon Dorgon, who is still flying about, with a preview showing Tyron (Peter Dinklage) seeing the dragon on his way to being delivered to Danaerys.

According to promos, Jon Snow will being making a surprise alliance, perhaps with the Wildings who also need help. Winter is coming and without Stannis (Stephan Dillane) who is planning on heading south as quickly as he can, Snow will need help with the White Walkers who are sure to return.

Season five of Game of Thrones has not been enjoyed by all. Some fans have complained and Jane Johnson, Martin’s editor, took to twitter to complain about the portrayal of Loras, as a “gay cartoon character.” Another fan who agreed, commented that Loras was portrayed in the book as a tough and thoughtful knight who happened to love another a man, and that the TV series has chosen to portray him as a man who just likes to have sex with other men. Although Martin is a producer of the Game of Thrones show, which has caused some fans to blame him for the way the book is diverging from the series, it was pointed out that he does not have final say, he only advises. In an interview Martin did with The Hollywood Reporter he did admit to not having any veto power, and that the TV series’ creators could divert from the book. Martin is still working on the final installment of the series A Song of Ice and Fire, which fans are eagerly awaiting.

The leaked clips from this week’s episode of Game of Thrones are sure to get fans excited about the episode. The series airs Sunday nights on HBO at nine p.m. eastern time.

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