Samsung Group Gear VR in Project eMotion for Hospitalized Children [Video]

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Samsung Group

Samsung Group’s Gear VR is used in Project eMotion, offering a new outlook of the world for hospitalized children. Project eMotion is developed by Samsung Italia, in order to raise the spirits of children and help them become healthy again.

The tech world is excited with the advent of Oculus Rift which has been announced to be available early next year, and will accept pre-orders this year. With the coming of Oculus Rift, Samsung’s VR device is working with Project eMotion for the hospitalized kids in Latina, and somehow motivates the young patients to recover their health as soon as possible.

Samsung Gear VR takes the young patients of Santa Maria Goretti Hospital in a city adjacent to Rome, on a virtual trip to Movieland amusement park. The Gear VR content was shot with cameras that are 360 degrees at various attractions and rides and edited for the device. The adventure to the world beyond the hospital, though virtual, helped give emotional support for hospitalized children, who demonstrated improved moods and changed mindsets during their hospital stay. eMotion was well received by parents and children alike.

The South Korean Galaxy mobile device maker announced on Friday the availability of the virtual reality headset for flagships Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, the Gear VR, was tagged at $199.99. Meanwhile, how the Gear VR Innovator Edition for S6 works is similar to the VR for Note 4. When the S6 phones are inserted into the headset, the device will automatically bring the user to the world of virtual reality.

Samsung Group’s Gear VR S6 headset is controlled with a tiny touchpad on its right side. It has been upgraded with some features. There is no more transparent cover over the headset’s front. On the bottom is a charging port that can charge the phone while connected to the gear.

On the left side is a fan to cool off the S6, as reviewers of the Note 4 Gear VR found the phone becomes warm when used. The VR’s headset can access Samsung Group’s Milk VR, an app that offers various virtual reality experiences – from music to sports.

Samsung Group is just one among the many entities which offers immersive Gear VR experience as a medical treatment, with Project eMotion, and opens a new world for hospitalized children. It visited Santa Maria Goretti Hospital to demo Gear VR’s capability and healing benefits. It is used to treat a kid on a virtual day out – to Movieland theme park where they can ride roller coasters, have fun under the sun and enjoy the sights they do not usually see, only with Gear VR.

Samsung Group, through Samsung Italia, said the goal of Project eMotion is to aid pediatric patients face recovery in an entirely new way, by bringing childhood light-heartedness. The team found the project to be a way of giving the kids real emotional support, so they can have the mood needed for recovery.

Last year, Stanford University developed various virtual reality experiences designed for elders with physical limitations. The Senior-User Soothing Immersive Experiences, used a wall-projected display and many sensory elements to simulate outdoor activities that are beyond a person’s reach in real life.

Samsung Group’s involvement with medical therapies via the Gear VR in Project eMotion for hospitalized children is not new to therapies. The VR technology has already been used in the medical world to help patients recover. It continues to up simulated life scenario standards with role-playing, talk therapies and immersion to treat psychological ailments.

By Judith Aparri

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