‘Game of Thrones’ Hints of Surprise Appearance in the Finale

Game of Thrones

The latest cyber rumor regards the season finale of Game of Thrones hints of a possible surprise appearance in the finale. One possible hint is an obvious one as it is the name of the episode: Mother’s Mercy. HBO waited notoriously late to announce the name of the finale and when it was revealed this week, the news sent fans into a flurry of activity in attempts to decode the meaning behind the name.

The character in question is Lady Stoneheart, also known as Mother Mercy for those who care enough about the show’s details that they look in the appendix for A Feast for Crows, one of author George R.R. Martin’s novels.  Lady Stoneheart is the zombie of Catelyn Stark. A look ahead into the books indicates that one of the characters will meet Lady Stoneheart on a future journey.

The most curious thing about this character is that she plays a significant role in the books, but has never shown up on the television show. Lady Stoneheart was brought back to life by the Lord of Light and Berric Dondarrion in the books. She exists with the sole intent and purpose to seek vengeance against the Freys, who killed both her family and her at the Red Wedding. There are some critics that speculate that Lady Stoneheart will not make an appearance in the show because there has not been a proper set up to her appearance.

There are other hints that Lady Stoneheart could play a role in the current plot. The phrase “the north remembers” is replayed, indicating that there is a lingering memory of sin. Melisandre is assisting Stannis in an presumed upcoming battle. Melisandre is a devout worshiper of the Lord of Light, who raised Catelyn Stark from the dead. Black magic has been used for Stannis to win victorious battles. Many state the plot is there and all that is needed is an appearance from Lady Stoneheart.

There is another plausible explanation in Game of Thrones with evidence to support it. Entertainment news reported about controversy created last year when production crews tried to film Lena Headey, who portrays Cersei, naked on a set overseas. Some thought the filming was not proper. Production crews moved the location and the scene was filmed so it is almost a certainty that the scene will be part of the finale.

Cersei is imprisoned by the High Sparrow and has the option to ask the gods for mercy and endure whatever punishment they dish out. According to the book, the punishment is to walk the streets of King’s Landing naked and in shame. So, a plausible explanation for the episode’s title is that it refers to Cersei asking for mercy and her punishment.

Another element of tonight’s episode of Game of Thrones that fans are anxiously waiting on is an expected fight scene at Hardhome. One of the show’s stars, Kit Harington, gave hints at how spectacular the scene will be in a description of how much effort went into filming the scene.

Harrington said the cast of Game of Thrones spent three to four weeks of filming for the sequence, which could add up to 20 minutes of a battle scene. Harrington said the battle scene was unlike anything ever done on the show and assured the reporter the scene is well worth watching.

The battle ensues when Lord Jon Snow heads north of the Wall to rally support and, hopefully, unite the Wildings and the Night’s Watch. The unification is important to defeat the White Walker. Winter is advancing and he and Tormund enter Hardhome, a remote seaside outpost. Attempts are made to get remaining tribes to come to Castle Black, where safety is somewhat assured.

Episode 8, titled Mother’s Mercy will air tonight at 8 p.m. on HBO. Fans will have to wait until then to determine whether the Game of Thrones hints at a surprise appearance during the finale are to be taken literally or mean a more practical scenario.

By Melody Dareing

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