George Stephanopoulos Donated $50,000 to the Clinton Foundation


ABC News chief anchor George Stephanopoulos has donated over $50,000 to the Clinton Foundation over the past few years, according to a recent report. Although political contributions are in the public domain, Stephanopoulous has yet to disclose the information to ABC viewers or the executives at the station. Yet, he has made comments and inquiries about the Clinton Foundation and its strange relationship with foreign donors.

As a former White House aide to President Bill Clinton, Stephanopoulos confirmed his $50,000 donation to the Clinton Foundation. The anchor has since released a statement of apology to his viewers for not disclosing his political contributions.

Stephanopoulos claimed that he made the donations to the Clinton Foundation in support of their views and work on deforestation and AIDS prevention across the world, “causes I care about deeply.” Moreover, he believes that his political contributions were a matter of the public record and not of a national release.

Some of the ABC News executives claim that he should have come forth about his donations to ABC and have taken more steps to reveal the information to viewers. Though, the stated that his mistake was an honest one and his apology has been accepted.

By Alex Lemieux


Washington Free Beacon: ABC Anchor George Stephanopoulos Donated $50,000 to the Clinton Foundation.

Photo Courtesy of Ford Foundation’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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