George Zimmerman Shooting: Police Recover Two Handguns From Attacker

George Zimmerman

Police have recovered two handguns from Matthew Apperson‘s vehicle, the attacker accused of shooting at George Zimmerman in Lake Mary, Florida.

An official police report acquired by WFTV uncovered that Apperson was equipped with two firearms when his car was searched by authorities directly after the occurrence on Monday evening.

A police representative affirmed no charges had been recorded against Apperson. This report was taken after the incident as the case is still being investigated.

Matthew, who is unequivocally denying George Zimmerman’s claims that he deliberately tried to shoot him following an ongoing dispute, has hired attorney Mark NeJame to fight his contention that could conceivably see him facing jail time.

“He simply maintained that he acted in self-defense. We see everything to suggest that that is correct,” Mark reveals in an official statement.

Authorities have additionally revealed that both men were legally in ownership of their weapons at the time of the shooting. According to police, Apperson was the only individual who shot a weapon at the time of the incident.

By Maurice Cassidy



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