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Google-Twitter Deal Brings Up Tweets in Search



Google and Twitter have made an arrangement that will put tweets in Google search results. The deal was put together earlier this year, but it is just now coming to fruition. When a Google search is made, at the top of the search results page there will be tweets that match the keyword(s) searched on Google, and the regular Google search results below it. The tweet results will be able to be looked through using the left and right arrows. Currently, this is only available to searchers who are using a computer, it will soon be available to searchers on mobile devices, as well.

Tweets, however, will not always appear at the top of the searches, such as, if the user is on a MacBook Pro, the tweets result will be in the middle of the page. Then again, tweets may not show up in a Google search at all. When Google was asked why tweets may, or may not come up in a search, why the tweets show up in different places and how are the tweets being shown in a search, whether chronologically or through a filter; Google did not offer answers to any of the questions asked. Their blog post, does state, that this a great way to get real-time information in a search, when something is happening. It is also another way for individuals and organizations who use Twitter, to broaden their audience at the most relevant times.

Users can count on seeing more tweets in a Google search when a hashtag is used, or when a topic, individual or group is trending, or if a tweet is newsworthy. Using hashtags in a Google search is a way to find specific things on Twitter. Twitter said, that there will be no financial gain from Google, when a tweet is clicked. If Twitter is not making money off the deal with Google then the gain provided to Twitter is traffic. When a search has been made using Google, the tweet “carousel,” as Google calls it, offers a ‘More Tweets’ button. When the button is used, Twitter will open in the user’s browser, so the user will be able to see more tweets with their keyword.

When a Twitter account is listed in the Google search, that link will open directly in Twitter as well. Clicking on a single tweet will also do the same.

Note these are not tweets that are coming into a Google search for the first time, nor is it the first time since the last formal deal with Twitter was ended. Tweets have shown up in Google searches since their previous deal. The new deal will bring more tweets into the Google searches and will do so, with more unification between the two companies.

Currently, this new collaboration between Google and Twitter is only offered to users in the U.S. and the tweets will only be in English. The user may use, their browser in iOS, Android, or the Google Search App. Twitter promises this same search for mobile devices and with other languages,will be offered in the next few months.

This new deal gives Google complete access to streaming feeds, which is called the Twitter ‘firehose.’  Google has been given access to the tweets from its platform, which Twitter has confirmed, but did not offer any other details on the deal. It has been assumed, by ‘Marketing Land’ that the deal is for a full tweet stream, as the search engine already has access to some tweets. Google has not offered any comments concerning the deal.

Google can crawl the social media platform for tweets, and does so now. There are so many tweets, however, that the search engine cannot capture all of the tweets. If the search engine were to function on the social media site, the way it would on a traditional website, with constant visits and ‘crawling,’ to find new tweets, it would cripple the use of the site, due to all of the searches.

Google has been finding a few tweets, specifically popular tweets, but not everything. The search engine also has not been able to find tweets as quickly as it wishes and users want. Since the social media site is giving them direct access to a Twitter feed, it is much easier for the search engine to have a more inclusive collection of all tweets, and can index them as they come to Google; which is the definition of ‘firehose.’ Twitter is directing a stream of tweets, at over 6,000 a minute, according to stats given, to all of its partnership search engines.

Google wants to have the ability to offer its search engine users all the information they may search for. Tweets offer a wealth of information, often with more recent content. The tweets will help the search results to be more relevant and recent for users. The data correlated with the tweets may be critical in helping Google to find and surface content outside Twitter.

In the previous deal, Google paid for tweets. It is not known if Google is paying for tweets in this deal, however, it is not likely. Twitter, has seemingly approached Google, for more visibility this time. The social media platform knows that Google can bring to it a lot of free traffic.

Last year, the site was improved to enable Google to be able to collect more content. That change brought to the company, a 10 time increase of “logged-out visitors.” The full partnership between Google and Twitter will more likely pull up more relevant content in a Google search. This will, in turn, bring more traffic to Twitter, more possible accounts and more users to see the ads posted. Dick Costolo, CEO explains that it is all about the “eyeballs.” The opportunity the Google deal presents, will bring attention, and readers to the “logged out” experiences, topics and events that will be showcased on the front Twitter page.

By Jeanette Smith

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