‘Gruesome’ Massacre in Waco, Texas ‘Could Have Been Avoided’ by Management, Says Sgt. [Video]


The massacre that took place in Waco, Texas earlier this afternoon (May 17) ‘could have been avoided’ by restaurant management, says Sgt. Patrick Swanton. He also added that the scene to which authorities were called is the most violent and gruesome he has ever been a part of during his years in law enforcement.

He also gave new information regarding those who lost their lives as a result of the biker gang conflict which went down at the Twin Peaks restaurant, a casualty number which is said to have totaled a whopping nine deceased individuals. Swanton says that the dead may or may not have fell victim to police gunfire, which was being sprayed as a necessary counter-action to the violence being exhibited inside the establishment. The same, he stated, is true for those wounded. All possible caution was taken to avoid hurting the innocent, but given the level of mayhem taking place at the Texas restaurant it was almost impossible to keep them out of the way. Officers were being shot at by members of the aforementioned rival biker gangs, Swanton continues, and therefore they were forced to act in self-defense.

Indeed, reports state that as many as 100 weapons have since been recovered from the scene. This total does not just include that of firearms; as well as guns, it was reported that clubs, knives, chains, and bats were being used. As well as gunshot wounds, the injured are also said to be suffering from knife wounds as well, having been caught in the cross-fire of the violence the biker gangs were inflicting upon each other. Two of the more seriously injured members of the incident have been reported as being in hospital for further treatment.

In a video, Swanton said that evidence is still being collected at the scene; this evidence includes security footage, photographs, eye-witness accounts and the like. As for how this incident could have been avoided, authorities have stated that management of the Texas restaurant were well aware that such gangs frequented their establishment and that law enforcement really should have been advised of a potential confrontation ahead of time. In regards to how the Texas incident ended up becoming so deadly, it has been reported that it escalated from a fist-fight to an all-out weapon brandishing war, which ended in fatal gunfire between both the biker gangs as well as law enforcement.

Authorities say that although the Texas area is ‘as secure as it can be at this point’, they are still concerned that the rival gang members may have picked up their battle and moved it elsewhere in order to finish it. For this reason, residents and civilians are being advised to avoid the area (as well as those surrounding it) until an official all-clear has been issued.

By Chanel van der Woodsen


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Photo Courtesy of Rockin’Rita’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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