Hastings Borough Council Leader Jeremy Birch Has Died


Hastings Borough Council leader, Jeremy Birch, was recently reported as critically ill and in a coma, but now sources state the council leader has died. Birch fell critically ill on Friday before being taken to the Conquest Hospital, where he remained in a coma. Birch’s partner Louise made the announcement on Wednesday that he had died. He stated that he was sorry to announce the council leader’s sudden death and that the family wanted to thank everyone for the compassion that they have provided, while the family members were going through this rough time.

The cause of death has not yet been determined. It is also unclear, at this point, whether or not the family will request an autopsy in order to know why Birch died so suddenly. As the council leaderBirch was a prominent man, having served on the council since 1998, as well as serving as leader for about 13 years, an autopsy may be done immediately just to confirm what happened. Statements made, reflect a belief that the councilman may have suffered a stroke, but doctors do not know for sure.

By Crystal Boulware


Hastings Observer

Main image by Nigel ChadwickWikimedia

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